Diving into the Digital Era: Top 5 Marketing Roles to Take on in 2020 [Infographic]

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Thanks to constant developments in the digital marketing space, the roles needed to support marketing functions are changing faster than ever. The demand for cutting-edge marketing talent to keep businesses at the forefront of innovation is at an all-time high. The war for talent is fierce and CMOs are filling their marketing teams with specialized roles to successfully compete in the digital world.

The evolving business environment doesn’t just impact how marketing operates, but how employers and marketing recruiters gauge top talent.

So, what are the top marketing roles and skills in high demand that digital marketers should pay attention to? As a digital marketing talent agency, we predict 5 jobs to be the most sought-after marketing roles among employers in 2020.

A Digital Marketing Talent Agency’s Predictions for Top Marketing Roles in 2020

Don’t let the speed of digital outpace your ability to adapt, expand your skills, and propel your career forward. Take a look at these top marketing roles and skills to consider in the New Year and beyond:

top marketing roles digital marketing talent agency

How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2020

Video by Neil Patel

Final Words

These jobs and skills will guide marketers toward the most promising opportunities in 2020 and beyond. The digital marketing environment is rapidly changing along with the talent employers need to keep up. In order to stay ahead of the curve in a competitive job market, you must stay on the cutting-edge of developments.

Put yourself in the best possible position to succeed by gearing up for the era of digital and turbocharge your career forward in 2020!

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