Chief Marketing Officer Executive Search

Build a better brand with an empowering Chief Marketing Officer executive search. MarketPro’s dedicated Chief Marketing Officer executive recruiters are the leaders in the industry. They discover the innovative marketing leaders that will drive your business through any trend or challenge.

A Contemporary Chief Marketing Officer Executive Search Experience

Our search process with MarketPro was great. The search team worked to understand not only our functional requirements but also to deliver candidates that aligned with our mission-driven organization. Every candidate presented exceeded our expectations and added value to the overall process. That said, we are thrilled to welcome Alana to our team, she is the exact right person to take our marketing to new heights. – Amelia Manning, EVP at Southern New Hampshire University College of Online & Continuing Education

We Provide Solutions to Your Marketing Executive Talent Challenges

We have diligently gathered the most talented specialists like our team of former marketers turned Chief Marketing Officer executive search professionals. Their research and dedication in finding top talent reflect the level of quality you seek in your new leader, even if the best candidates aren’t currently searching for new job opportunities. For our clients, there is no need to worry. Our experienced CMO executive recruiters locate premier talent and present them with your opportunities.

What To Expect From Your Next CMO When You Partner With A Chief Marketing Officer Executive Search Firm

In today’s market, what consumers are looking for is changing. Some companies are having to refocus their brand to gain the attention and loyalty of their target market. Brands that can align with their audiences’ values will enable more growth opportunities in the future. Having the right talent is essential to perform at the highest level. Therefore, as the leading chief marketing officer executive search firm, MarketPro understands the challenges companies are going through and has been built to solve them.

Unfortunately, the success of a candidate cannot be simplified into a checklist. You need the knowledge to go into deeper marketing conversations with them to understand how their mind works and the impact they are capable of having. Knowing what competency-based questions to ask and what a good answer looks like takes years of experience in both marketing and executive search. However, we have briefly highlighted the 3 essential capabilities all Chief Marketing Officers should have. Here is what you can expect from your CMO when you partner with a chief marketing officer executive search firm:


The best CMO knows their job is to drive top-line and bottom-line growth. If they can implement the right message at the right time within the right channel it will result in better communication and engagement. By ensuring you have the right leadership, you will be able to understand the data and drive better decision-making for profitability.

Brand Awareness

A creative mindset is essential to make your brand’s story captivating. Unfortunately, capturing the attention of your customers at the right moment is challenging. With this time-sensitive task, the CMO must have an effective strategy to remain competitive. The faster consumers can recognize your brand and connect it with your values, the easier your products/services can be marketed. Therefore, MarketPro ensures that every candidate presented to our clients can quickly adapt to the changes in the market and create long-term brand loyalty.

Customer Experience

Part of the CMO’s responsibilities is to create an experience that will lead to brand loyalty and repeat business. The goal is to make the journey as seamless as possible. Each touchpoint must play a role in where the customer’s mind is at. This is your opportunity to evolve as a brand. It takes more than the marketing team to provide the best customer experience. By entrusting your chief marketing officer executive search with MarketPro, we can help you overcome challenges by finding the right internal champion who is a visionary.

Culture Fit is Key

From our 20+ years of marketing recruitment experience, we know that assembling the best-in-class marketing team begins with finding your new CMO. A knowledgeable Chief Marketing Officer that can build and lead your team will also lead your company ahead of your competition. It’s imperative that you grow your reach, improve customer experience, and increase your customers’ lifetime value, which will require a marketing leader that can transform your marketing department from head to toes. We carefully vet for a culture fit to ensure that your brand’s mission is properly carried out by your new team leader and that the candidates fit in well with the rest of your senior executive team. As marketers ourselves, we know that the right marketing leader is an invaluable asset to the future success of your business, and finding that perfect leader is extremely hard to accomplish on your own. Our high stick-rate of 98% reflects the success of our strategies; let us do the hard work for you.

Time is of the Essence

With every passing day, your competition is fighting to steal away a slice of your market share. A great CMO should be not only innovative and experienced but should utilize strategy and agility along with a great team of marketers saving time, money, and effort. Your CMO should possess the ability to implement a wide-reaching marketing strategy that’s analytically designed to drive better ROI. Partner with us, a CMO executive search firm that knows marketing firsthand, to make a difference in your search results. We don’t waste time. Our remarkable placement time remains 50% less than that of other leading firms in the industry. We specialize in quality leadership and timely results, positioning you for success.

MarketPro’s Chief Marketing Officer Executive Search Recruiters Take A Different Approach to Talent


Our CMO executive search firm has been recruiting exceptional leadership for more than 20 years. Through persistent dedication, we’ve been able to form a team that now has over 100 years of hands-on marketing experience combined. Because of this, we’re able to give our clients the advantage of experienced, supremely qualified candidates.

Our team of expert CMO executive recruiters stays up-to-date on the latest marketing skillsets, culture fit, and leadership, the three fundamental elements of a successful marketing executive search. We know that you need a senior executive who values cross-company integration and collaboration and utilizes each member of their team efficiently.

From years of experience, we can say that selecting a new CMO will set the stage for all of your company’s future endeavors. However, many decision-makers shy away from an opportunity to hire an executive search firm because of negative past experiences. At MarketPro, we provide a more efficient experience that will ensure a true partnership in the process, allowing you to get the marketing talent you need. MarketPro’s number one priority is to quickly find and place the absolute best marketing executive talent for you every time.

Our Performance-Based Model Re-defines the Executive Search Nature

Our partnership is strengthened by our CMO executive search solutions for our clients. All those involved in our searches, from candidates to clients, are fully dedicated to our customer’s needs and ultimately produce superior results. This performance-based model is reflective of MarketPro’s approach to searches that have proven to be effective for the past 20+ years.

Learn more about the MarketPro’s marketing executive search methodology

Our CMO Executive Recruiters Know Modern Marketing

I have worked with MarketPro before coming to Old Dominion and they always do a great job. So when we were looking for a new marketing leader we went with the trusted name. They did a fantastic job throughout the search, providing us with a strong slate of highly talented marketers. In the end, Podiak stood out and he is an outstanding addition to our leadership team. – Chris Brooks, Senior VP Human Resources & Safety, Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.

The greatest challenge for most companies today is keeping up with the ever-changing needs of consumers. Your new CMO will re-define the course and offer your customers something they didn’t even know they wanted, providing a positive, lasting customer experience.

Implementing a marketing strategy can be challenging, even for the most seasoned executive; however, they work with their skilled team to ensure that your customers are satisfied and that your campaigns are strategically aligned to drive ROI. Despite the argument that the role of the CMO is changing rapidly (which is true), top CMOs are well aware of their responsibilities and know how to address them efficiently. A strong CMO will breathe life back into your marketing department and the entire brand. Marketing and technology evolved dramatically in recent years, and so did the techniques and tactics of cutting-edge CMOs. They adapt to continuous changes in the market and technology alike and continue the tradition of excellence.

Need More Than Executive Leadership in Your Marketing Department? Try Our Marketing Staffing Services

MarketPro’s marketing recruiting services have been available to our customers for more than 20 years. Our marketing staffing recruiters understand the growing demands placed on marketing executives and have identified best practices to provide them with flexible workforce solutions to fit the needs of any business.