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  • Selecting a new marketing executive can set the stage for success for your entire company. A game changing candidate isn’t as rare as you might think. It all comes down to who you work with to select your next executive. Find out more.
  • Your time is short – but the risk of hiring the wrong marketing professionals or interim workers is high. You need the best, you need them quickly, and you need them to fit your budget. Learn how we can help.
  • When you need to handle a large project quickly, you need all hands on deck. If a contract marketing specialist isn't enough, call MarketFlex – our insourced, outsourced or virtual solution to your biggest marketing execution problems. Learn more.
  • You need a lot of marketing talent – fast? No problem! RPO is a streamlined way to find the best people possible for your available marketing positions. Find out more.


Why are we America’s most successful marketing recruiter and marketing staffing firm? Simple: we get it in a way no one else can.

  1. Expertise in Marketing

    At MarketPro any employee who interacts with clients and / or candidates has prior experience in a marketing role. We do not have the luxury of certifications to understand if our candidates are a fit. Instead we have taken marketing experts and trained them to be recruiters. Candidates know very quickly they cannot get by our team without real ROI metrics to back up what they are saying they have accomplished.

  2. Culture Fit Is Crucial

    At MarketPro we deliver marketing talent from manager (on a contract staffing basis) to CMO (on a retained search basis) and everything in between. No matter what level you are at in the organization, having someone who fits well into the culture will determine their ability to be successful in the same way having the proper skills and experience will. After our team finishes with the functional screen, an equally detailed evaluation of culture fit begins.

  3. Top Talent is Actively Employed, Not Looking

    At MarketPro, the beginning of every search process starts with a focus on passive candidates. Who are the top people who fit our clients need, not who are the best available. 83% of candidates we present for direct-hire opportunities are currently in a position, leading to 91% of placements.