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08May 2019
What You Should Be Asking About Travel Requirements

Travel requirements may not be the highlight of a conversation with your marketing recruiter, but it needs to be discussed. Although it does not initially weigh as much as compensation and growth, travel for a new role should be considered to make an educated decision on a great opportunity. Let’s discuss these options and see […]

24Apr 2019
Mental Health in the Workplace

If you have not heard yet, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. At MarketPro, we celebrate the strides marketing has made over the years and how it has become the focus of so many organizations. With that in mind, we are engaging with our marketing professional community on a hot topic within company culture, and […]

10Apr 2019
What to Expect from Your First Call with a Recruiter

Today we are going to cover the basics of speaking with a marketing recruiter for the first time. This is valuable information to those who have been interviewing and are already comfortable speaking with a recruiter, but may still have some questions about the process. This is also beneficial to our fellow marketers that have […]

20Mar 2019

In this video, President of MarketPro Bob Van Rossum explains how exactly to become successful as a new CMO. As a marketing executive, you are likely prepared to answer interview questions about your 30-60-90 day marketing and leadership plan during the interviewing process. But if you are hired and are not sure how to implement […]

06Mar 2019

At MarketPro, as expert marketing recruiters, we work with candidates at all levels, and this provides us a unique advantage to see how successful marketers build their careers. Although there isn’t an exact blue print to success in the digital marketing field, there are a few ways to excel faster in your career than your […]

20Feb 2019
Why Relocation May Be the Best Thing to Happen in Your Career

As the top executive search firm for senior level marketing, digital and e-commerce talent, most of the roles we work on include relocation as an option. As you move to higher level roles in your career, you are more likely to be presented with relocation as part of your next role. Wherever you are located […]

29Jan 2019
women and minority marketing executive talent agency

Many employers and businesses have made great strides to promote diversity and inclusion in their organizations. In its 2019 Gender-Equality Index (GEI), Bloomberg reports on 230 companies committed to transparency in gender reporting and advancing women’s equality in the workplace – which more than doubled in size from 2018 . According to the GEI data, […]

16Jan 2019
marketing executive interview mistakes

Today’s job market is in favor of candidates where employers are in fierce competition for top talent. Marketers who have cutting-edge skills, in particular, are in the position for promising opportunities in 2019. If you’re interviewing for a senior-level or executive role, you’re likely well-acquainted with the interview and hiring process. Being at this position […]

09Jan 2019
marketing executive recruiters women leaders

As marketing executive recruiters, we can agree that diversity is critical to any business. Yet statistics show that there is a major lack of representation of woman leaders in business. Winmo reports that female CMOs make up about 42 percent of positions across industries while Pew Research Center reports that only 4.8 percent of Fortune 500 […]

02Jan 2019
0p top marketing roles digital marketing talent agency

Thanks to constant developments in the digital marketing space, the roles needed to support marketing functions are changing faster than ever. The demand for cutting-edge marketing talent to keep businesses at the forefront of innovation is at an all-time high. The war for talent is fierce and CMOs are filling their marketing teams with specialized […]

How to Leverage Marketing Recruiters for Better Careers

Marketing Recruiters 101

If you've never worked with marketing recruiters before, our role and purpose might not be clear. Even experienced professionals with decades in marketing or any other field may not really understand what we do.

Recruiters work with employers to find qualified candidates to fill work needs. When an employer needs to hire, they can contact a recruiter with the job details and ask them to find someone who can do the work. The recruiter direct sources qualified candidates through networking and within their own talent pipelines, then asks them if they're interested in working for the client. The recruiter presents these candidates to the client and they work together to decide who would be best for the job.

Careers in Marketing

Employers choose to work with marketing recruitment agencies for a variety of reasons, but mostly to get help with hard-to-fill or mission-critical roles. Sometimes they don't have the in-house human resources to efficiently do the hiring themselves. Other times they want to leverage the deep pools of talent and relationships that recruiters develop to ensure they get the best possible talent.

What We Can Do for You

Marketing recruiters can help you advance careers in marketing, finding jobs and companies that better suit your skills and work ethic. We can bring you new and exciting challenges, interesting projects to work on and opportunities to quickly increase your progress your career and improve your compensation level.

Try New Things

Contracting through marketing staffing agencies is a great way for you to "test-drive" different industries, jobs, and organizations. If you're hesitant to commit to any careers in marketing now, we offer opportunities in a wide variety of fields for both the long and short term. You can sample many different kinds of work until you find something you like.

Advance Careers in Marketing Quickly

If you're a top-performing marketer that consistently delivers great results, there's no reason for you to be indefinitely stuck in your current position waiting for a promotion or career opportunity to come along. We can help you move your career along by leaps and bounds, rather than hops and waddles.

Provide Career and Hiring Process Advice

We don't succeed if you don't succeed, so we make it a priority to ensure that you're prepared for any jobs we recommend you for. From an honest comparison of your skills and experience against others in the field to advice on sharpening up that resume or preparing for an interview, we'll help you get ready for the next step in your career.

The Qualities of the Top Marketing Recruiters

There are many recruiting agencies out there of all types and sizes. If you work with the right marketing recruiter, you can open doors to great job opportunities at amazing companies. But it can be difficult to identify which have your interests at heart and can offer you the best-fitting positions.

One of our candidates became the 39 year old CMO of a Fortune 500 company thanks to help from marketing recruiters. Here are the two qualities she looked for when deciding who to work with:

  1. A specialization in marketing. Though many recruiters attempt to place talent in marketing roles, very few actually have a dedicated focus on marketing jobs and candidates. You want to work with someone who has experience in the marketing industry, who understands your work and speaks your language. Only specialized marketing recruiters can thoroughly understand a client's marketing needs and know when you're a good fit.
  2. Retainer-based searches. The best kind of marketing recruiter for your interests is one that can take the time to ensure you're a good fit and only gets paid when a successful hiring process is completed. When you work with a retained search agency, you can be confident that the client has a vested interest in finding a good fit for the job. You won't be rushed through the hiring process just so an agency can collect their contingency fee before someone else gets to it first.

Get Started with Better Careers in Marketing!

Whether you're an aspiring young creative getting your career off the ground or an established veteran looking to take the next big step, we want to work with you to fulfill your potential and match you with a company that fits your abilities. Check our job listings now and see if you're interested in any of them, and come back frequently—we post new jobs every week. Or complete a general application that lets us know what careers in marketing interest you most. We'll get in touch with you when an opportunity comes up that would be a good fit for you.

Read more on how to grow your marketing career below, and return for more advice weekly!