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Nicknamed the "Wall Street of the Rockies," Denver is the financial and commercial center for the central American West. The city of Denver is the 23rd most populous and the second most populous MSA in the Southwest after Phoenix, AZ. The high-altitude city is famous for its spectacular views, proximity to rugged wilderness, and nearness to ski resorts.

Denver is the 18th largest metro economy in the US with a GDP of over 157.6 billion.

Denver's key geographic setting as the largest city in the Mountain West and as the primary hub location for the major U.S. air, rail, and highway systems has fueled Denver's economic success in recent years. Many businesses have established a presence in Denver to takes advantage of its geographic centricity, and its eclectic culture attracts many professionals looking for something new.

Marketing Career Opportunities

Denver has developed a diversified economic base whose economic sectors include air transportation, telecommunications, aerospace, manufacturing, and energy research. The city is also a designated Foreign Trade Zone, providing advantages to companies, organizations, and facilities involved in international trade. The region's consistent economic growth and lower-than-average unemployment rates have drawn professionals in marketing and other fields in droves.

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