B2B Marketing Executive Search

Why MarketPro?

The Right Hire, The First Time: In today’s competitive environment, you need a cutting-edge leader to engage your target business audience; not someone who can maintain the status quo. We bring you the leader best suited to your company’s unique needs to build a foundation for long-term success and ROI growth. Our ability to find the absolute closest skillset and cultural fit for your needs leads to our industry-best 98% stick rate. With MarketPro, you can be sure you’re hiring the right person the first time.

Faster Fulfillment: Every day a critical marketing position goes unfilled in your company is another day of lost marketing ROI. While you wait, your competition is finding new ways to whittle away at your market share. When you can’t afford to wait through an agonizingly slow recruitment process, choose MarketPro. Our B2B marketing executive search time-to-fill is less than half the industry average, so you won’t get left behind in a competitive market environment.

What Puts Us on Top

The core of our status as the nation’s #1 B2B marketing executive search firm isn’t a secret.

It’s simple: We get marketing in a way no one else does.

The MarketPro recruitment team has more than 100 years of marketing experience over a vast array of marketing verticals, and our founder is a former B2B marketing executive. Who better to find and attract a top innovator in the B2B marketing space than someone with thorough industry experience themselves?

We know the recipe for an exceptional leader in today’s marketing world. And when we encounter someone with the right mix of attitude and talent to make a true B2B marketing leader, we know how to identify it.

Just as importantly, we understand how to engage that talent’s interest better than anyone else. If you were a leading B2B marketing expert, would you put your career in the hands someone who didn’t understand your work? Or would you prefer someone who has real-world marketing expertise?

We speak their language. We’ve been in their shoes. We know what messages resonate most with the best-performing marketers out there and how to get them to consider your role, when they’re not even looking for a new gig.

And we can use that insight to bring the best available talent to your doorstep, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

A Partnership That Fosters Success

Our unique Performance-Based Payment Model lays the foundation for success for all parties involved. We’re not satisfied until both you and your excellent new candidate are, too.

Other executive search payment models move you away from hiring the best marketers by creating conflicting interests. But our performance-based system allows everyone involved to confidently commit to the search, ensuring an excellent fit that comes as quickly as possible.

Learn more about the MarketPro methodology and what makes it better for you here.

Build Better B2B Relationships

The expectations, experiences and needs of businesses in all industries are evolving quickly. Can you keep up?

The next marketer you choose to lead your B2B business will have a colossal impact on the future of your company. Don’t trust anyone but proven B2B marketing executive recruiters with the responsibility to find the right person. Contact us now to get your executive search underway.