Our Marketing Executive Search Methodology

At MarketPro our marketing executive search success ratio is second to none and our time-to-fill is less than half the industry average. The reason? Our marketing executive search methodology has fundamental advantages over the way most of our industry operates.

The MarketPro Difference

  • Expertise in Marketing—At MarketPro any employee who interacts with clients and/or candidates has prior experience in a marketing role. That gives us unique insight and the ability to recognize truly great marketers when we see them. Candidates understand very quickly they cannot get by our team without real ROI-centric results to back up their accomplishments.
  • We Get Top Talent, Even Though It’s Not Looking—Most great marketers aren’t looking for jobs; some smart company has noticed their skills and is employing them already. At MarketPro, the beginning of every search process starts with a focus on these “passive” candidates. We find the top people who fit our clients’ need, not just those who are easily available. A full 91% of talent we present for direct-hire opportunities is already employed, leading to 94% of our placements. We know how to draw the the best away from engaging positions and bring them to you.
  • Culture Fit is Crucial—At MarketPro we deliver marketing talent from senior manager to CMO and everything in between. No matter what level the position is at, having someone who fits well into the culture will determine their ability to be successful in the same way having the proper skills and experience will. After our team finishes with the functional skill vetting, an equally rigorous and detailed evaluation of culture fit begins.
  • Performance-Based Payment Model—We don’t succeed unless you do. The retained and contingent search models other search firms operate under do nothing to align you as the client with a successful outcome and can even move you away from hiring top talent. Our performance-based system creates a mutually beneficial partnership that allows us to work together with confidence and ensure you get a quality fit as quickly as possible.

The MarketPro Process

1. Detailed understanding of your business and talent needs

We delve deep into your business and marketing needs to identify the key characteristics of a successful hire. From your market position to organizational pain points, we’ll find out where you stand now and where you want to go. Then we start the search for the talent that will exceed all your expectations and allow your business to grow.

2.Extensive research on top talent in marketplace

We relentlessly search the talent pool of top marketing executive talent to find candidates that are stellar fits for your position and organization. Our determined recruiters work persistently to source the best marketing executives for the job.

3.Plot an exhaustive campaign to reach them

We put our proven search methodology to work, developing a strategy to contact even the most hard-to-reach talent. Leveraging our deep talent portfolio and extensive national network, we find ways to contact the best candidates, no matter how elusive, and tirelessly approach them until we get an opportunity to present your position.

4. Candidate engagement

Top marketers are busy. They’re constantly assailed by a flood of “urgent” phone calls, emails, meetings and more all demanding a piece of their time. Our team’s prior experience in those same positions as marketers gives us a unique ability to break through the noise and get the attention of the best candidates. Because we speak their language and relate with them in a way nother executive search firms can, we’re able to earn their interest, trust, confidence and cooperation.

5. Thorough evaluation and interviews by MarketPro professionals for functional qualification, leadership capabilities and culture fit

MarketPro understands there’s more to being a good fit for a marketing position than having the required skills listed on a job description. A marketing executive must have the right drive to help your organization grow and the right culture fit to assimilate quickly and adapt to the people they’ll be working with. At least two of our experienced staff will separately interview potential candidates and assess their suitability with our advanced competency appraisal process.

6. Presentation of top talent we know exceeds expectations

We know your time is valuable, so we won’t waste it by presenting you with anyone who is not an exceptional fit. With experience both as recruiters and marketers, we know truly great talent when we see it. The highly scrutinized pool of executive marketers we present may be difficult to narrow down. No matter what your ultimate decision is, you can be confident you’ll end up with a game-changing marketing executive.

7. Client interviews

We’ll facilitate the scheduling of interviews between the relevant stakeholders at your organization and the talent to make the process go as smoothly and effectively as possible. If you need any assistance crafting appropriate questions or evaluating answers, we’re happy to provide our experience and support to make the most of your interview time and make sure you’re making the best choice.

8. Reference checks

The best way to judge an individual’s future potential is by examining their past. That’s why we always do our due diligence to check candidates’ professional references. Our rigorous system ensures the references are reliable and provide you a better perspective of candidates’ histories of professional success and ROI growth. This way there are no unpleasant surprises, and you can be confident in your selection.

9. Post interview evaluations

Once you’ve had the opportunity to interview the best candidates and review their references, we’ll help you effectively analyze their strengths and decide which is best suited for the role. We’ll assist in drawing insights from your interview discussions and lend you our years of experience assessing incredible candidates at the highest level of marketing to help make your final decision.

10. Follow-up with periodic intervals for the next 6 months

Our work isn’t done when your great new hire starts. We’ll follow up with you and the candidate over several months to make sure everything is going according to plan. We’re not satisfied until you are!

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