How to Recruit Top Marketers

18Jun 2019
Content Marketing trends for CMOs to follow in 2019

  If marketing was a car, content marketing is the gas needed to fuel the engine. Nowadays, without strong content marketing, it is unlikely the rest of your marketing will get very far. Content creation has been around for decades but only recently have marketers coined the term content marketing to define what it is. […]

04Jun 2019
6 Inspiring Tips on How CMOs Can Transition to a Different Industry

Here’s the reality; it’s easy to switch from one company to another company in the same industry as a top executive. But no one is going to quickly layout a golden brick road for you to transition into an entirely different industry, especially if it’s an industry you never worked in before. You’ve worked in […]

21May 2019
How to Power Up Your Marketing Execution

The real success of marketing depends just as much on timely and professional execution as it does on a solid strategy and strong leadership. When it comes to hiring more junior marketers, whose responsibilities are focused on daily use and implementation of marketing technology or execution of marketing campaigns, many employers quickly realize the complexity […]

14May 2019
The Shortage of Top CMOs and What It Means for Your Business Growth

As marketing executive search recruiters, we can confidently say: there has never been a more important time to have a top CMO than right now for organizations to continue growing and staying competitive. And yet, the gap between demand for top marketing talent and existing supply is growing every day. About 10 years ago 20-25% […]

30Apr 2019
How to Secure Top Marketing Talent in the Candidate's Market

At MarketPro, we emphasize quality of talent and speed of finding A+ marketing executives to present to our customers with every marketing executive search we work on. Recently, we published a video about the importance of moving quickly when it comes to interviewing and making a decision on filling your open marketing roles as the […]

15Apr 2019
marketing leadership marketing executive search marketing leaders CMO executive search

From managing an ever-growing martech stack, brand storytelling, attributing to ROI, optimizing the customer experience, getting buy-in from the C-suite and encouraging cross-functional collaboration, today’s CMO has a lot on their plate. And not to mention leading and managing world-class teams to support these critical objectives. As marketing increasingly becomes a valuable asset to a […]

25Mar 2019
AI opportunities digital marketing executive search

The Biggest AI Opportunities on the Horizon for CMOs The reality of an AI-powered world is here and is making its mark across every industry. The intersection of AI and marketing is particularly meaningful, and there’s no question that artificial intelligence will continue to revolutionize the digital space. Organizations are catching on as AI is […]

10Mar 2019
mobile marketing digital marketing headhunters mobile-first

New technologies are constantly changing the way we live, work and interact. Mobile, in particular, has notably disrupted the marketing landscape. And in 2019, we are going to continue to see the emergence of mobile marketing and the brands that are able to successfully adapt stay ahead. Why is mobile marketing so important? eMarketer predicts […]

26Feb 2019
digital disruption digital marketing recruiters

The age of digital disruption is here and in full swing. While the digital revolution has helped businesses improve processes and introduced new ways of working, it is still a big feat for marketing organizations to completely embrace and adapt to. As developments like AI and machine learning continue to mature and become more common […]

12Feb 2019
CMO responsibilities CMO executive recruiters

Top CMO Responsibilities and Challenges in 2019: An Ever-Evolving Shift Every new year brings new marketing challenges, and 2019 will prove to be no different. The constant tossing and turning, and feelings of unease are all too familiar for CMOs who wear more hats than ever before. From playing the role of the brand advocate, […]

Build a Stronger Marketing Team with Marketing Staffing

Marketing is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace. If you're not staying on top of the latest technology, strategies and media channels then you're at immediate risk of falling behind the competition. Hiring the right marketers is essential to keeping up with this rapidly changing industry.

In such a volatile field, you need the best available marketing talent at the helm when it comes to making decisions and working on high-priority projects. A marketing staffing firm can provide you with those rare individuals when you need it most.

How to Find the Best Marketers

Average marketers are actually fairly easy to come by if you have a competent HR/hiring department that knows where to look. But if you want to secure a persistent edge over your competition and ensure you're not falling behind without even noticing, you need great marketers: not good or average ones.

Marketing Staffing: Building a Successful Team

What's the difference? It can be difficult to tell, at least at first glance. Often what distinguishes an exceptional marketer from an average one is an accumulation of small but significant traits that allows them to consistently outperform their counterparts.

For instance, two designers might have comparably excellent graphic design skills—but one of them meticulously creates art with a tested and proven methodology, operates under the latest industry best practices, and nimbly interacts with her colleagues to maximize the effectiveness and integration of her own efforts into the work of others. One is obviously better than the other, but discerning the difference just by comparing their pretty pictures will get you nowhere.

The other challenge of hiring great marketers is that most of them are already employed, and those that aren't are usually snapped up quickly. In order to get them you must be able to act fast when the opportunity arises and know how to lure them away from current jobs to your company.

The Economic Solution

The best way to find and entice top marketing talent is to have someone on your side who understands marketing and recruiting with great and equal capability. People like this are hard to come by—few HR professionals or hiring managers have the thorough marketing experience necessary to really understand marketing. Fewer still are able to keep up with its changes or communicate with marketers on a level they understand.

Marketing staffing offers an affordable way to make that expertise yours. A marketing staffing agency can respond to you marketing needs more quickly and cost efficiently than anyone else. And we ensure that only the top level of qualified candidates reach your desk, so you don't have to waste time considering marketers that aren't a good fit for you.

Talent for Any Need

Marketing has a hand in almost every industry in some way, and ranges in role from small direct-mail awareness drives to massive, state-of-the-art digital multichannel campaigns. Whether you need a full-time creative subject manager expert to add their knowledge to the team, or a short-term project manager to step into chaos and take charge over a dysfunctional department, we can help.

Marketing staffing provides a solution when you quickly need talent to shore up a weakness is your marketing department or to provide backup on a project that's out of your current capabilities. Any field, any level of position, any length of time.

Our Approach to Marketing Staffing

At MarketPro, we understand marketing the same way marketers do. Our secret is simple: we're marketers ourselves. Our experienced staff comes from backgrounds in all aspects of marketing. What does this mean for you?

  • We comprehend your marketing needs in a way few others can. We understand the problems you're experiencing and can speak to you about them on a level you understand.
  • We speak marketer. This allows us to better identify top marketing talent communicate with it on a familiar level. We even know how to convince them to consider your position when they're already happily employed. This leads to strong relationships with dynamic, innovative and results-driven individuals that we can then introduce to you.
  • We are able to accurately convey your marketing needs to interested candidates, and present to you and honest perspective of their capabilities and skills. This ensures we match you with the best possible fit out of a pool of qualified candidates.