How To Find A Part-Time CMO

Your company is growing, and so is your need for some new marketing strategies. The challenge you face is that you need a skilled, experienced marketing champion to help you outmaneuver the competition, but a full-time CMO is just not within the company’s current budget.

Let MarketPro help you find a part-time CMO. Our team of former marketing executives has been helping companies find tailored marketing talent to fit their needs for over 25 years.

Why Should You Hire A Part-Time CMO?

Reduced Financial Outlay

A part-time CMO or fractional CMO can be a perfect fit for a company that needs to take its marketing strategy to new levels but does not have the budget to support a full-time C-Suite executive position. A part-time CMO does not require paid benefits such as vacation or medical coverage, and they only work a specified number of hours for your company (agreed upon in advance) which makes this arrangement perfect for companies with limited financial resources.

Flexible Time Parameters

A part-time CMO can be utilized for just a short time to focus on a specific project, such as updating your branding or launching a new product, or they can be given a part-time ongoing role to level up your marketing strategy. Turning it back over to your team to implement.

Can Help Level Up Your Marketing Team

Even the most talented and enthusiastic marketing team can benefit from a strong leader who can provide them with valuable guidance that will enhance their contributions. Individual team members may each be skilled and knowledgeable, but a skilled leader can bring cohesion and direction to the group and help them grow as a team.

An experienced part-time CMO can encourage an environment of continuous learning, provide strategic direction, and offer guidance on effective strategies for engaging their target demographic, as well as provide them with a roadmap of knowledge to help them navigate and adapt to the changes they will experience as they strive to stay ahead of the competition and adjust to meet changing industry trends.

Can Help Facilitate Company Alignment

Capturing the attention of your target demographic is more challenging than ever and requires a clear, well-planned, and executed strategy. In many organizations, there is a gap that exists between departments, which makes it challenging to introduce new technology or initiatives, such as a new digital tool or strategies for greater customer engagement. Installing a part-time CMO can help bring alignment between departments, facilitate more effective communication, promote a better understanding of company objectives, and result in a smoother and more successful implementation.

Provides A Fresh Set Of Eyes On Current Company Issues

When facing a complex marketing issue, it may be challenging for the current marketing team to be objective or to understand the complete framework of the situation. A part-time CMO with years of diverse marketing experience can look at the issue from a different vantage point and construct and implement a strategy that fulfills your company’s objectives.

How Do You Hire A Part-Time CMO?

Once you determine that a part-time CMO would be the best fit for your company, how do you find one? The first thing you need to do is perform some due diligence, which includes:

1. Determine What Your Company Needs From This Individual

What are you hoping to achieve by adding this part-time executive to your team? Are you looking for help in creating a new plan to adjust to the changing market, or do you need assistance with a particular project? Take time to create a list of objectives as well as an outline of your marketing budget for these goals.

2. Define The Responsibilities Of The Job And The Requirements Needed

Create a detailed description of what the part-time CMO will be responsible for and provide a detailed list of requirements. List the specific experience you require and the types of marketing channels they should be proficient in. Include details regarding any special project they will be responsible for.

3. Investigate Talent Sources

To find a part-time CMO, begin exploring your immediate network of professionals, friends, peers, and business associates for potential candidates. Utilize professional networking websites like LinkedIn or place ads for the position in an industry newsletter or on professional industry websites.

4. Schedule And Conduct Interviews

Have a list of questions prepared that will help you identify those candidates you feel could meet your company’s goals and objectives. Provide test scenarios to each candidate and ask them how they would handle that particular situation. Get a feel for how they would fit into your company culture. Then, if necessary schedule a second round of interviews for the top candidates.

5. Partner with MarketPro

Skip these time-consuming steps and let our team of experts do the hard work for you. This is our area of expertise, and our team of former seasoned marketing professionals understands what skills a seasoned CMO should possess, and we know exactly what questions to ask to identify the most qualified candidates. Let’s be honest, choosing the best CMO candidate is probably not in your wheelhouse, but it is our entire house. Leave it to the professionals, to find you the most qualified candidates, and then you take it from there.

Hiring A Part-time CMO Can Provide A Solution To An Age-Old Dilemma

We all know the old saying that making money involves spending money, but this can be a tricky situation. Your company may need a marketing expert to help drive revenue, but the current revenue stream cannot support a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). It’s like trying to grow a garden, but you don’t have enough seeds. Making a smaller investment in a part-time CMO can provide just the right amount of seeds to get your revenue garden started, and it can blossom from there.