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Since 1996, MarketPro has been focused on delivering top marketing senior level marketing, brand, digital, communications and e-commerce talent that drives growth. As the leading high end marketing executive search firm, we deliver top performing innovative marketing leaders in less time than our competition.

What makes us different is we are all former marketers by trade and training, allowing us to separate “A” players from everyone else. Marketers are good storytellers, our job is to separate fact from fiction to get you marketing, digital, brand, product and communications talent that moves the needle.

“A” players are professionals who fits into the top 15% of all candidates who look like a fit on paper. During our interview process over 85% of candidates are screened out before you receive a short list of top marketing leaders.

Marketing continues to change extremely quickly and with the introduction of AI, the pace of that change is only accelerating. In addition to making sure the talent we present to you exceeds expectations as a marketer and a leader. We also focus on making sure they are aligned with your culture and a life-long learner. When all these components are in place you have a senior marketing leader who will have a meaningful impact on your business over a long period of time.

We do all that under a services agreement that ties our compensation to performance, not simply to days on a calendar like some other search firms.

The nature of business is changing, fast. The best way to keep up with shifting expectations from your customers, emerging technology, and a constantly evolving marketplace is with smartly led, highly talented marketing executive recruiters.

As the top marketing executive search firm in the US, we identify and recruit highly qualified candidates for senior roles only. Since 1996, MarketPro’s marketing executive recruiters have focused solely on one goal: matching high-performing marketers with clients who need a specific set of skills and experience to take their business to the next level. We provide talent on an executive search and interim executive basis.

From the highest level of marketing executives to executives in digital, creative, communications, e-commerce, product and innovation, we provide talent for companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Marketing Executive Recruiters—by Marketers, for Marketers

About MarketPro | Marketing Recruiters, Marketing Executive Search

What sets MarketPro apart is our unique background. We’re all former marketers by trade and training, which allows us to vet talent more deeply and truly separate the “A” players from the pretenders.

As Chief Marketing Officer executive recruiters with a diverse range of hands-on experience, we understand marketing, digital, e-commerce, and creative from a perspective that is unique to our industry and the corporate world. We have an insider’s understanding of today’s marketing disciplines and functions.

Simply put, we get marketing in a way other executive search firms simply cannot.

That means we’ll understand your business challenges and marketing needs from a firsthand perspective. We speak marketing and use that familiarity to engage the most qualified, talented marketing professionals anywhere in the country. Top talent wants to speak to us because we understand who they are and what they do.

Better marketing talent (and, by extension, better marketing ROI) is closer than you realize. Get in touch with us now, and we’ll get your talent acquisition questions answered.

Our Mission

MarketPro’s mission is to use our in-depth knowledge, experience, and expertise in the marketing industry to provide a professional bridge between corporate clients and today’s high-performing marketing talent. As the top marketing executive search firm for over 27 years, our commitment to that goal is a source of daily inspiration for all that we do.

Our Specialty in Marketing

We recognize the challenges your business faces to transform and engage customers because each person on our team has experience in the roles responsible for a company’s marketing success. This unique perspective allows us to advise clients and talent alike on matters of marketing success, best practices in organizational structure, and how to evolve talent for the changing landscape of marketing.

As Tenured Executive Marketing Recruiters, Our Specialty Is Recruiting and Placing Top Talent for All of Your Needs

  • Mission-critical marketing leaders: Chief Marketing Officers, marketing directors and VPs, e-commerce executives, digital marketing leaders, and rock star creatives;
  • Interim marketing executives.

Finding the right talent for your company requires much more than matching resumes to a job description. Cultural alignment is equally critical to your successful hire. We diligently pursue those marketing experts who uniquely and specifically match your organizational values and philosophies, as well as possess the talent and skills to exceed job performance expectations. In so doing, we consistently provide the best possible fit for both candidate and client.

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Our History

MarketPro was established in 1996 by marketing professionals who realized that most existing marketing executive search firms lacked the marketing expertise themselves to really be successful.

Since then, we’ve grown to serve hundreds of clients and fill thousands of jobs across the country.

A Marketing Executive Search Firm that Delivers Results

From VC and private-equity-backed companies to renowned agencies to established Fortune 500 corporations, MarketPro consistently delivers quality talent to clients of all shapes and sizes.

At MarketPro, we are constantly innovating to drive better results. We continue to produce the best possible talent for our clients in half the time of the industry average through ongoing research, analysis, and professional experience with leading companies and elite candidates. When you urgently need top talent for marketing that really matters, we deliver.

As the leading CMO executive search firm, we know we don’t succeed unless our clients and talent do. That means support before, during, and after the search. We’re continuously driven to provide exceptional service throughout and beyond the hiring process.

Our Diversity

MarketPro is committed to finding the best people for the job, period. It is our belief that a diverse set of candidates empowers you to make the best choice for your business needs. We are committed to offering diverse candidate slates to all our clients for every search.

We are proud members of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and are WOSB certified.

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Our Home

MarketPro was founded in Atlanta. For a digital marketing executive search firm, Atlanta is an ideal travel and business hub, home to a large pool of marketing talent and many of the world’s largest and most successful brands. MarketPro sources talent here in the Atlanta area and from all over the United States for companies across North America.


Knoxville: 4315 Kingston Pike, Ste 210, Knoxville, TN 37919

We are proud to help grow businesses and careers by making the right match both functionally and culturally. Whether you’re a top-tier marketer in your field looking to quickly move your career forward or a company in need of top marketing talent, we can help you anywhere in the U.S.

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