Meet Our Wide-Ranging Talent Community

Let MarketPro become the bridge to the talent that you need. We’re a team of marketing recruiters that has served Fortune 500 corporations and corporate industry leaders. Our experience, experts and insight make us uniquely qualified to find the staffing for marketing that you need – from a team of 500 contract workers to your next CMO.

Our talent community is more than a list of names – it’s a database that is cultivated and refined based on our staff’s experience in the trenches of the marketing field. In short, we know what we’re looking for – and can pair you with the right fit.

MarketMatch – More Than a Database

MarketPro’s sophisticated MarketMatch recruiting database has been developed based on our years of professional acquaintances as marketing recruiters. We are an active part of the industry and have a pulse on tens of thousands of talented and highly qualified marketing professionals that can meet your marketing staffing needs.

More than 85,000 candidates that want to bring their marketing expertise to companies just like yours participate in our MarketMatch program. Within this system, our MarketPro specialists can instantly access and prioritize talent according to specific criteria.

This helps our recruitment team easily enter basic requirements and find a targeted talent pool that will meet client needs.

But rely the MarketMatch system is just the first step of the process. Our marketing recruitment team has years of experience working in marketing – and they are able to evaluate each candidate for a fit based on talent, experience and culture.

Our recruiters also go above and beyond tech tools for your recruitment needs. MarketPro team members invest a significant amount of time striking professional relationships with candidates and prospects. We find the industry’s best talent and connect with them so we can offer the very best to our clients.

At MarketPro, state-of-the-art technology and down-to-earth traditional marketing recruiter techniques have created a winning strategy, and combined with our expert marketing recruiters, we’re able to find talent for companies faster than any recruiter in business today.