Confidential Marketing Executive Search


We’re thrilled to have Steve joining us at Molson Coors. MarketPro did a great job in bringing us top talent. Steve stood out with his outstanding track record of success, strong understanding of how to use digital to drive real business results, and experience in the brewing industry. He is a great fit for the role and our culture. His experience will be critical to our goal of being at the forefront of digital to better serve our customers around the world. – Torsten Kuenzlen, Global Chief Commercial Officer at Molson Coors

At MarketPro we understand the importance of confidentiality for marketing executive searches. For 20+ years we have placed top marketing executive talent of different backgrounds for companies of all sizes without a single confidential search becoming public ahead of schedule. While no recruitment firm can guarantee confidentiality 100% due to the complex nature of the process, we remained successful thanks to the confidential marketing executive search methodology developed by our marketing executive recruiters over the years.

Our confidential marketing executive searches are secure. No information goes out to the talent until we are sure that the candidates are the right fit for the role and are interested in the opportunity. Once the search details are presented to the candidates, confidentiality of the search is protected by a thoroughly planned non-disclosure process. MarketPro confidential marketing executive search methodology is built to ensure high quality search results and a safe onboarding process of your new marketing executive.

A Highly Effective Confidential Marketing Executive Search

  • Exceed Your Expectations with Quality Results: We have transformed our executive searches over the years with the elements of confidentiality as a necessary component. A confidential marketing executive search for your company, no matter the size, has to be done quickly. Our experienced confidential marketing executive recruiters are trained on the leadership skills you need to stay ahead of your competition. Our stellar confidential marketing executive search time is second to none, allowing you to take your marketing campaigns to a whole new level fast.
  • We Excel in Locating the Best Marketing Executive Talent: As an experienced confidential marketing executive search firm, we know it can be challenging for you to acquire the talent you seek. The best executive talent is likely already employed. Fortunately, MarketPro’s team of experts discreetly engage with marketing executives with the credentials needed to successfully bring your case to a close. Our partnership ensures  you’ll get the talent you desire.
  • Culture Fit Gives Your Company A Leg-Up:  A highly skilled marketing executive who fits well with your company will help drive your company’s continuous growth. As marketers that are fluent in current challenges, we have developed a vetting system that requires the candidate to have the right culture fit for lasting results. Our candidate placements reflect our efforts with an unsurpassed stick rate of 98%. The right candidate that has the skill set, leadership experience, and culture fit with your company will play an essential role in the next chapter of your business growth.

Our Reliable Confidential Marketing Executive Recruiters Prove Themselves Time And Time Again

Confidential marketing executive recruiters

MarketPro proved to be a great partner and acted as an extension of our team. They helped us fill critical executive roles requiring unique skill sets within a tight timeframe. MarketPro provided dedicated and focused attention to our needs. We look forward to continuing our partnership. – Julie Cobb, SVP of Human Resources at Bank of America

For 20+ years we have successfully met C-suite needs of our clients, building a reputation not many companies have. The challenge many companies face in a confidential marketing executive search is first who they trust with their search. Secondly, they have to learn how to establish balance between steady progress and fast recruitment of a new and profitable leader. We have proven to be a great partner in the smooth transition of your company’s leadership.

As confidential marketing executive recruiters with a strong track record, we have set the bar high for success. Nevertheless, the process can be a complex, resource-intensive and unfamiliar for many companies. MarketPro’s number one mission is to produce the best marketing executives that will best serve your company in a timely fashion. After decades of sharpening our confidential marketing executive search experience, our clients rest assured they’re in good hands.

A Payment Model That Puts Our Partnership First

Payment model

We believe that a successful partnership is mutual in nature. This enables us to provide timely solutions for your company’s confidential marketing executive search.

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Is Confidential Interim Marketing Executive Search Right for You?

MarketPro is proud to be a top of the line interim marketing executive search firm that delivers. Sometimes, when a company is in transition, you may benefit from a temporary leader to keep everything running smoothly. The interim option helps you to proceed in your quest for your next marketing leader without risking a drop in efficiency. Our goal as interim marketing executive search recruiters is to provide you with as many solutions as possible.