A Diverse Supplier of Diverse Marketing Talent

We know how valuable having a wide variety of voices and perspectives at the table can be to help corporations improve flexibility, resilience and innovation. MarketPro is proud to support our clients’ supplier diversity initiatives as Woman Owned Small Business that employs and recruits an extremely varied pool of incredibly talented marketers.

Woman Founded and Operated

MarketPro was founded in 1996 by Melissa Van Rossum, a career marketer who set out to create her own opportunities after getting frustrated by the state of corporate marketing oversight and the career ceiling she hit.

Today, MarketPro powers on with Melissa at our head as the CEO. But we’ve also taken her experience as valuable lessons about the importance of a diverse staff and now benefit from the hard work and guidance of women at every level of our organization, from the senior executive team to our junior recruiters and the marketing staffing talent we provide our clients.

We are proud to be recognized as a Women Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (certificate number 005117157) and Supplier Clearinghouse (certificate number 15040139). The United States Small Business Administration also recognizes us as a Woman Owned Small Business (certificate number W030134).

Small Business, Big Reach

We’ll be the first to tell you we’re not the largest talent acquisition agency out there, but we also understand that bigger doesn’t mean better. Moreover, we firmly believe that our size contributes to our overall success as an extremely nimble organization that provides faster, better-quality results than you’ll find anywhere else. It certainly doesn’t hold us back from engaging top talent from around the country or providing results to global Fortune 500 companies.

Our Talent

MarketPro is committed to finding and recruiting the absolute best marketers for the job, period. We go to great lengths to offer diverse candidate slates to all our clients for every talent search, whether it be contract marketing staffing or executive recruitment. That includes at least one woman and one person of color. This provides our clients with a broader array of diverse marketing talent so they can consider all their options and ultimately select the candidate that’s the absolute best fit for their business.

Our Team

Just as we recognize the value diverse suppliers and talent bring to our clients, we also understand how important it is to have a broad spectrum of perspectives and experiences contributing to our business. When it’s time to add members to our staff, we consider only the best possible candidates and seek out women and minority talent to fill our ranks. The MarketPro team comes from a variety of backgrounds and is heavily comprised of expert women and minority recruiters.