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The Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area has a population of 2.1 million, one of the largest in the Midwest. Cincinnati is known for its high standard of living and quality of life and has received numerous awards and designations including Top 20 "Best Cities for Young Professionals" (Forbes 2007); Top 10 "Cities for New Grads" (CNN 2009); Top 5 "America's Most Affordable Cities" (Forbes 2011); Top 3 "Top US Travel Destinations" (Lonely Planet 2012); Top 10 "Best Cities for Raising a Family" (Forbes 2012).

As such it's a popular destination for young professionals and families looking to establish themselves and settle down to build a life.

Marketing Career Opportunities

The Greater Cincinnati area enjoys a stable and diversified economic base, including major corporations, sports franchises, and mid-size businesses. Industry sectors include retail, finance, food/grocery, insurance, communications, auto manufacturing, and media.

Nine Fortune 500 companies and fifteen Fortune 1000 have headquarters in the city, leading the demand for marketing talent of all kinds. Over 360 Fortune 500 corporations and three Fortune Global 500 companies have operations in the Cincinnati area. Innumerable SMBs also call the city home.

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