Negotiating Your Salary – What About Unvested Equity?

Salary Negotiations – Unvested Equity

When considering a career move, it’s important to find an opportunity that matches your career ambitions and trajectory. Once there is alignment on the responsibilities, work/life balance, advancement opportunities, and culture– then it comes time for salary negotiation.

The goal is to receive fair market value for your skills and experience, aligned with the responsibilities of the new job.

You may even have an idea of the going rate regarding base salary, incentive bonus, and benefits. But do you have the full compensation picture?

At MarketPro, we place marketing executives in new roles each week. Our in-depth executive compensation expertise is critical to achieving a win-win for the employer and the employee.

Many marketing executives, who have stock options that vest over a multi-year period, wonder how to handle unvested equity with a new employer.  Are these items, which are key components of executive compensation, just a lost opportunity when changing employers?

Can you expect your new employer to pay for your unvested equity?

No matter how tenured you are, everyone can use tips on salary negotiations.

In this short video, Bob Van Rossum, President of MarketPro, provides insights on how companies and candidates are addressing this key component of executive compensation in today’s market.