A Year in Review: Top Career Advice by Marketing Recruiters

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Regardless of where you are in your career, it often seems like you can’t ever get too much career advice to help guide you forward. As a marketer, this is especially true as there’s never truly an end to your journey. There’s always room for growth and progress in this space – which is something to be excited about!

If you’re pursuing a rewarding and meaningful marketing career, look no further. We’ve taken a look at the articles our readers found the most valuable in 2018 (so far) and compiled our all-time best pieces of career advice from our marketing executive headhunters all in one place.

15 Pieces of the Best Career Advice from Marketing Executive Headhunters

1. Top 11 Marketing Certifications That Can Land You a Job in 2019

By far the most popular piece on our marketing career growth blog, we continuously keep this updated to ensure you’re getting the most relevant information to set yourself apart in a rapidly evolving and competitive space. Stay ahead and discover the top certifications digital marketing recruiters are going to look for in 2019!

2. Top 5 Certifications to Make You a Leading Social Media Marketer

career advice career growth marketing executive headhunters marketing recruiters

Another post covering valuable marketing certifications – however, this one focuses solely on social media. Whether you’re currently seeking a new opportunity or wanting to brush up your social media marketing skills, consider adding these certifications to establish yourself as a social media wizard.

3. How to Calculate an Estimated Hourly Rate as a Marketing Contractor, Freelancer or Consultant

This was originally published back in 2017 but it continues to be a highly valuable piece for our audience, and with reason. As a marketing contract staffing firm, we often approach marketers with contract staffing and other interim job opportunities. Learning how to calculate a reasonable hourly rate for your work is an invaluable piece of marketing career advice that never becomes outdated.

4. Top Reasons Marketers Never Hear Back After Applying for a Job

Looking for a job is a job in itself. One of the biggest things that brings down morale during the job search process can be the drawn-out silence from the other end. Whether you’re a seasoned marketing executive or seeking your first marketing role, there are a few common reasons that may be preventing you from getting a call back after applying for a job.

5. 8 Work Skills Marketers Must Have by 2020 [Infographic]

career advice career growth marketing executive headhunters

The workplace of today looks dramatically different to the workplace of a few years ago and will continue to change. By 2020, the skills marketing organizations need to be successful are going to be very different than what they are now. In a space that’s increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence and robots, having a strong grasp of what companies will be looking for in marketers is valuable.

6. 6 Things You Should Always Tell Your Marketing Recruiter

Working with marketing recruiters can make a tremendous difference in your job search, and can be incredibly valuable in exploring a wider range of opportunities. But in order for recruiters to find the best position for you, you must be honest and transparent about your skills, work background, and personal life. This piece of career advice discusses the top six things you should always be candid about and be prepared to disclose when working with a marketing recruiter.

7. The Top MarTech Tools Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know

The growth of technology drives the need for digital marketing talent who can move quickly, learn new skills, and implement powerful martech tools. As marketing technology recruiters, we place those with specialized knowledge in martech at the top of the digital marketing talent pool. Explore which martech tools you should add to your pedigree to demonstrate your technical expertise.

8. 4 Important Habits of Aspiring CMOs

career advice career growth marketing executive headhunters

The CMO role has evolved tremendously over the past few years. In addition to leading marketing, the marketing executive today must be able to drive ROI – requiring a more advanced skill set than before. As marketing executive headhunters, we talk to many marketing professionals who have aspirations of becoming a CMO, and wonder what the road to the top will take. We can say there’s no one-shot path that will directly lead to the C-suite as a marketer. However, there are important habits to practice.

9. How Marketers Can Stay Motivated and Inspired in a Frustrating Job Search

When your job search drags out longer than expected, staying optimistic is easier said than done especially when you’re facing spells of disappointment time after time. However, practicing these tips from marketing headhunters can help alleviate the pressures of a frustrating job search and help you give you the confidence you need to power through.

10. 7 Questions Smart Marketers Ask When a Recruiter Calls

Whether you’re seeking new opportunities or not, it’s helpful to know what questions you should ask a marketing headhunter when evaluating if a job is worth pursuing before you get the call. Any good marketing recruiter will expect you to have many questions if you’re interested in a job, and be willing to answer them. Take a look at the key questions you should be prepared to ask.

11. 8 Important Things Successful Women in Marketing Do

career advice career growth marketing executive headhunters marketing recruiters

While we’ve made incredible progress, the opportunity for women to reach the top of the corporate ladder is still met with underlying challenges. As a marketing recruitment and staffing agency, we come across many women across all levels who feel reluctant to push through the glass ceiling in the industry and find it difficult to pursue their career goals. These eight tips will help you break through the barriers.

12. Preparing for AI Marketing Disruption: Top AI Training Courses for 2019

Regardless of profession, industry, or expertise, AI will come to disrupt the technical skills professionals need to stay relevant – if it hasn’t done so already. Those who step into the world of it and learn how to enable this technology will be the ones that stay ahead of the curve. These five AI training courses and certificates will help you become more skilled and take your understanding to the next level.

13. 5 Steps to Successfully Future-Proof Your Marketing Career in a Digitized World

As digital marketing executive headhunters, we’ve directly seen the effects of the shift in marketing from the disruption of technology. The digital world won’t wait for anyone, and marketers will have to take a proactive part in staying relevant and navigating through it. You must continue to learn, adapt and develop new skills to set yourself up as a leading candidate. These skills will help you stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly digital world.

14. 7 Incredibly Creative Portfolios Marketers Can Get Inspiration From

career advice career growth marketing executive headhunters

When it comes to proving your professional capabilities, it’s essential to show and tell. A portfolio is your opportunity to not just tell potential employers what you do, but visually show it. As a creative talent agency, the number of remarkable portfolios we encounter on the internet is overwhelming. In order to stand out in a competitive market, you need to make yours as impressive as you can.

15. Ask This, Not That: Top Questions to Ask During Your Annual Performance Review

The moment you’ve been waiting for all year is finally here; where you get to sit down with your boss and have a conversation that could very well determine the next step in your career. However, your annual performance review doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. These questions will help marketers just like you own your story, showcase your accomplishments, and effectively navigate the conversation.

Career Advice (If You’re Feeling Behind in Your Career)

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Throughout your career, you’ll come across lifelong lessons – many from others who have walked similar paths and plenty from your own personal experiences. As marketing executive headhunters who work with marketers at all stages in their careers on a daily basis, we know that those who put in the work successfully reach their career goals and never stop growing.

We hope these pieces of career advice excite, motivate and guide you along your career journey in 2019. Remember that you won’t find success overnight – your career is a never-ending path filled with valuable lessons. One day, you’ll be sharing valuable advice of your own to help other marketers along their careers!

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