CMO Recruiters’ 8 Must-Attend Summits for CMOs in 2020

CMO Recruiters’ Ultimate Event Guide for Marketing Executives in 2020

As a CMO, finding worthwhile continuing education events can be tough.  Too often the material does not justify the time investment. Here are some of our favorites that will keep you up-to-date and ahead of the continuing revolution going on in marketing. As headhunters for marketing executives, we see the pace of marketing moving faster than ever. So, it is important to make time to learn to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Whether you’re an aspiring CMO or a current one, staying on top of the latest marketing trends and learning how to implement them is a must. A great way to keep on top of these trends and solve common marketing problems is by attending marketing executive events tailored to helping marketers grow their company, expand their network, and learn how to connect with customers through technology. 

From a CMO recruiters’ perspective, the list below describes well-respected events led and hosted by thought leaders in marketing. 

CMO Recruiters’ Ultimate Event Guide for Marketing Executives in 2020

1. Adobe Summit 2020

CMO Recruiters' top CMO events in 2020Source: Adobe

Why Attend? The Abode Summit includes over 300 sessions and labs across but not limited to advertising, personalization, machine learning, omnichannel marketing, and B2B marketing automation with Marketo. This is a digital experience conference design to delight and inspire. If your interested in learning the latest trends in customer experience management, then this event is for you!

When: March 31–April 2 ( March 29–30 Preconference )
Where: Venetian | Palazzo | Las Vegas

Preview of Speakers:

  • Shantanu Narayen| CEO | Adobe
  • Satya Nadella | CEO | Microsoft
  • Pam Oliver | Fox Sports
  • Susan Johnson | CMO | SunTrust Bank

* not complete list of speakers

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2. Sirius Decision 2020 Summit

event marketing recruiters' top CMO events in 2020Source: Sirius Decision

Why Attend? Get a first look at what the next three to five years will bring to your discipline. This summit will provide actionable alignment strategies for all marketing executives to achieve high performing B2B revenue engines. Sirius Decision summit will highlight the voices of customers, a look into the future across multiple disciplines, and what success looks like within each of those disciplines based on extensive research and concrete data.

When: January 28, 2020
Where: Austin Convention Center, TX

Preview of Guest Keynote Speakers:

  • Alex Sheen | Founder of Because I said I would
  • Common | Golden Globe winner, EGOT winner (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony), Hip Hop artist
  • Andrew Gordon | Master storyteller and Pixar animator

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3. CMO Executive Summit (Evanta, a Gartner Company)

Headhunters for marketing executives' top CMO events in 2020

Source: Evanta

Why Attend? Dallas CMO Executive Summit is an event built by CMO for CMOs. This event will explore how to master the art of customer engagement, leverage the science of data, and harness technology to increase engagement with customers at every touchpoint. Evanta has multiple CMO events in different states, but the one in 2020 takes place in Dallas, TX. Evanta’s mission is to foster leadership development and collaborative exchange among top executives globally.

When: June 3rd, 2020
Where: Dallas, TX

*Speakers are not yet announced

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4. Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS) 2020

CMO Recruiters' top CMO events in 2020Source: Event Marketer

Why Attend? Enhance and sharpen your skills in experiential marketing in just a few days on the latest insights and ideas. EMS will provide samples of case studies and best practices from strategy chiefs, best-selling authors and hand-picked experts from Pepsi, Uber, General Mills, Under Armour, Samsung, General Motors, and many more. EMS will also include networking excursions and optional off-site field trips, dinners, and more!

When: May 11-13
Where: Chicago, Il

*Speakers are not yet announced

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5. B2B Marketing Exchange

event marketing recruiters' top CMO events in 2020Source: B2B Marketing Exchange

Why Attend? B2B Marketing Exchange brings together marketing, sales, and content marketing to bring together the best alignment strategies and a plethora of solutions to help you implement the best practices. You can pick and choose which session you want to attend. The content you will learn is hands-on and strategy-focused.

When: February 24-26, 2020
Where: Scottsdale, AZ

*Speakers are not yet announced

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6. Next-Generation CMO Academy (Deloitte)

Headhunters for marketing executives' top CMO events in 2020Source: Deloitte

Why attend? Although this event isn’t a summit, we thought it is still a remarkable event to recommend for all CMOs. Deloitte ‘s CMO academy brings together a distinguished group of C-suite executives and shares their perspective on effective marketing leadership in a series of interactive sessions. Areas of focus include marketing as a growth engine, analytics and insight, tech fluency, board, and executive presence.  The curriculum centers on methods of preparation such as self-reflection and development planning all of which are essential to being a successful CMO.

When: February 10-12, 2020

*Academy participation is invite-only: Participants are senior marketing executives across industries nominated by their organization’s CEO or CMO.

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7. Gartner Data Analytics Summit

CMO Recruiters' top CMO events in 2020Source: Gartner

Why Attend? As a modern CMO, data, and analytics set the foundation of marketing today. Although this summit isn’t directly tailored toward chief marketers, you will still learn the best practices to grow revenue, drive customer experience, and lead digital innovation. Strengthen your knowledge of data and analytics by learning practical methods and tools to:  

  • Leverage data and analytics to optimize every decision, every process and every action
  • Overcome complexity and ambiguity to drive business value
  • Drive innovation through leading technologies
  • Build a foundation of trust, accountability, governance, security, and privacy

When: 17 – 18 February 2020
Where: Sydney, Australia

Preview of Speakers:

  • Ian Bertram | Managing VP | Gartner
  • Melody Chien | Sr Director Analyst | Gartner
  • Carlie Idoine | Sr Director Analyst | Gartner
  • Debra | Distinguished VP Analyst | Gartner

* not complete list of speakers

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8.The CMO Club Europe Innovation and Inspiration Summit 2020

Headhunters for marketing executives' top CMO events in 2020Source: The CMO Club

Why Attend? The CMO Club is one of the largest innovative and engaging communities of CMOs committed to solving marketing toughest challenges. The Europe Innovation and Inspiration Summit will have 20 senior marketing executives with no vendor selling, candid, and trusted environment. Speakers include top CMOs from companies from Moët Hennessy, Barcardi U.S.A Inc., Mars Pet Nutrition, and Chartwell Advisory Partners.  

When: January 28, 2020
Where: London, UK

Preview of Speakers:

  • Sebastian Micozzi | SVP Digital / Transformation | Bacardi U.S.A., Inc.
  • Violaine Basse | Director of Marketing | Moët Hennessy
  • Jan Huckfeldt | VP Marketing & CMO | Motorola Mobility a Lenovo Company
  • Christian Orth | Global Marketing Director | Vitamins Franchise, Merck Group

* not complete list of speakers

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Final Words

Any event you choose to attend will help you become a stronger and more powerful marketer in today’s digital era. Your chance to network with marketing’s top thought leaders and successful CMOs will help you tackle your toughest challenges with proven and innovative solutions. Experience marketing through new lenses from CMOs at Fortune 500 companies. As headhunters for marketing executives, we find value in CMO candidates who stay up to date with marketing trends and knows how to effectively implement them. This is why networking and attending events are great.  As CMO recruiters we know how important being a lifelong learner is to the success of being a top marketing executive. 

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