Executive Search Consultants Are Seeing An Increase In Video Resumes

Executive Search Consultants

Regardless if you are searching for a senior-level position or looking for your first job, great marketers know how important it is to make sure your resume stands out from the crowd. Especially when executive search consultants are scanning hundreds and thousands of candidates every day.

Fortunately, today technology lets us change and transform our traditional approach to resumes. You no longer need to confine yourself to a plain black and white sheet of paper. The options are endless. One of the most popular trends marketing executive search firms are seeing today is video resumes. Here are a couple of ways marketing professionals can implement this new trend into their job applications.

Video Resumes And How Executive Search Consultants Recommend You Apply This New Trend:

Video content has always been a great method to boost social media engagement and awareness. It’s a no-brainer that could help elevate your resume as well. A recent study done by LinkedIn showed 75% of employers agreed the traditional resume cannot evaluate a candidate’s soft skills. Roughly 76% say pre-recorded videos are more effective.

This is why video resumes are so popular today. The top marketing executive search firm, MarketPro is seeing executives upload cover stories to their LinkedIn profiles, and TikTok users are displaying their skills through short 15-second videos. Now, employers can filter out better candidates and candidates can highlight both, their skills and personalities.

But at the center of all of it is how you apply the trend that will affect the overall results. The goal is to stand out. Don’t record yourself reading your resume. Executive search consultants suggest you keep it short and to the point. Here are a couple of things you should take into consideration:

Discuss Outcomes

If you read a couple of resumes, you will start to see a common pattern. Words like “hard worker”, “team player” or “a highly motivated individual” appear. The reality is, anyone can say that. Instead of listing out adjectives that describe you, give detailed examples. How are you a highly motivated person? What scenario can you provide that proves you are a team player? You want your employer to be curious about your background and expertise to land that first interview.

Use Hashtags

Just like any social media platform, hashtags are an excellent way to find content on a specific topic. As an example, if you are using TikTok to record your video resume use the hashtag #tiktokresumes. It’s in your best interest to get accustomed to the platform you are using and search trending keywords that could optimize your reach. You want marketing executive search firms to easily find your resume.

Know Your Audience

Top marketers are probably already familiar with tailoring resumes based on the role you are applying for. The same goes for video resumes. Don’t create a generic video and send it out to each employer. You still want your video to address the majority (if not all) of the job description. Do you have work experience in that industry? What value can you contribute to the organization? Do you have the crucial skills they are looking for?

Keep It Brief

According to executive search consultants, many candidates claim the toughest part about a video resume is the time limit. If your video is too long or too short, it may not be watched or add much value to your application. On average, the video should be between 30 to 90 seconds. Make sure you add all of your top bullets at the beginning. Don’t take too long introducing yourself. The best way to mitigate a drawn-out video is to prepare a script.

Your Background Matters

While this may sound a little strange, your video’s background matters. It needs to look clean, professional, and tidy. A busy background can be a distraction.

In the end, whether you decide to use a video resume or a traditional one, you need to make sure it has value. A well-constructed marketing executive resume should tell a story. An employer should be able to understand the value and expertise you will add to the business, and want to move you further in the recruitment process. Don’t resort to one form of resume. It will help you get your feet in the door and set you apart from other marketing executives.

Author:  Melissa Van Rossum