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Great things are happening at MarketPro, one of today’s leading recruiting firms that specializes in the placement of marketing talent across the US.  Our Atlanta office is rapidly expanding and we are looking for a qualified Junior Recruiter. Just as the name suggest, our team of recruiters is comprised of marketing professionals who now find […]

Maximize ROI, Results, and Efficiency More than ever is demanded from today’s marketing departments. When you need some extra capacity to make ends meet, should you turn to contract marketing staffing, freelancers, your agency, or some other flexible marketing workforce solution? This comprehensive flowchart will help you make the best decision for your needs. Download […]

Stock Your Digital Team with Top Talent Great marketing begins and ends with great digital marketers. But unless you know exactly what to look for, it’s difficult to differentiate the good from the great and feel confident you’re making the right choice. Don’t risk making a poor hire; download this interview guide specially designed by […]

Many think that a meticulous editing and proofreading process would be recommended for any and all blogs. However, this isn’t always the case. Every blog is very different, so rather than offering a one-size-fits-all suggestion of proofreading, I’d prefer to provide you with tools that will help you evaluate your own publication. Afterward, you can […]

Social media has become a great way to spread brand awareness and build brand loyalty. In a 2017 Sprout Social survey, 62 percent (of 1,000 respondents) said they are likely to purchase from a brand they follow on social media. Furthermore, respondents were more likely to follow a brand on social media before deciding to […]

Getting rid of apps isn’t an option for getting rid of information overload, so instead we need to look to design apps that are more efficient and user-friendly. UX (user experience) developers are exactly what businesses need to aid them in providing a more efficient, productive experience for those who utilize their business apps. Applications promised […]

Think shorter brand videos are better? According to TwentyThree, short isn’t always the way to go. By analyzing engagement rates, the company found that although the majority of videos created (80%) are shorter than five minutes, they account for less than a third of video engagement. On the other hand, videos longer than 15 minutes […]

Periodicals used to gain a lot of income from their classified sections, until Craigslist came along and crushed them. Soon after, Craigslist got beat by Facebook’s Marketplace section. Now the company is ready to see if it can reap some revenue from its classified section, and social media marketing staffing may be able to help […]

Automattic, WordPress’ parent company, has disposed of traditional organizational framework for its many employees, illustrating the future of the workplace. Business is done by teams ranging from 2 to 12 workers, with no conventional managers, and they’re urged to try new ways of working together to get work done. So far, it’s working well, and […]

  Marketers keep bankrolling content, but still don’t seem to understand how to really leverage that investment. Content marketing staffing may be able to aid them in getting the most out of their investment, however, there are things that marketers need to learn on their own about the rapidly changing world of content marketing. Not […]