Not Finding The Right Job? Top Marketing Recruitment Leaders Point Out Why

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Today, our senior marketing recruitment professionals are seeing job searches become more complicated. You can spend hours researching new companies, new job openings, or maybe even consider relocation. Still, most marketing professionals may find themselves interviewing for positions that always feel off. Either the company doesn’t fit their values or the roles don’t excite them. Regardless, if you continue this trend, you may find yourself months in with a decreasing amount of motivation.

As the leading digital marketing executive search firm, we are seeing one key factor that plays a large role in leading to this frustration. Candidates are simply failing to factor in the changes in the market today. Companies are constantly changing and eliminating different job titles and positions to better fit the market’s needs. Knowing what to search for and what you need in a future position ensures you are prepared to further your search. Here is how top executives speed up their job search and make sure they commit to the right job.

Digital Marketing executive Search  Leaders Give 3 Reasons Why You Are Not Finding The Right Position:

You Skipped Step 1

The biggest mistake marketing executive candidates can make is jumping right into a job search without or minimal preparation. As CMO recruiters, we understand you are motivated and driven to land a new position as quickly as possible. However, putting your resume out there without a strategy is one of the main reasons you might be struggling to attract the right kind of job opportunities.

Therefore, the first step to any marketing executive job search is you. You have to understand what you can offer and what you want to accomplish. What excites you? Why are you looking for a new position? What do you hope to gain? Are there certain values or cultures you must-have in your future position? These kinds of questions help you as a candidate narrow down your search and eliminate the disappointment of constantly interviewing for the wrong position.

You Applied To The Wrong Position

Being open to new opportunities is completely different from being aware of new opportunities. As the leading digital marketing executive search firm, we hear many candidates say they applied to many positions they thought were a great choice only to find out it was not. The reality is the job title and job description aren’t the same anymore. Companies are constantly changing and eliminating different titles and positions to better fit the market’s needs. Your dream job could have a completely different title!

Therefore the best advice and solution marketing recruitment professionals can give is always to prepare yourself. Research how your industry has changed. What are companies doing now? Who do they need to hire? What kind of expertise do I need? Has the title of my dream job changed? Rather than looking for a job title, consider making a list of keywords recruiters or companies would use in their job descriptions. Many articles have summarized popular jobs and their functions for your specific industry or field.

You Are Searching For a New Job Alone

While there are a few marketing executives who have landed a great position by themselves, you can almost guarantee the process had some kind of failure or struggle. You might spend five hours searching for the job or you might need months. Unfortunately, you may never know. Therefore if you include all the time it takes you to research, interview, and repeat, you may risk the chances of you losing motivation or giving up.

Instead, you should consider additional help. Connecting with peers, mentors, and professional recruiters gives you the advantage of understanding what the job market is like today. Do you have friends that work in the industry you want to transition to? Have you met anyone with an interesting job function? The more you connect with people who share the same goals or have already accomplished them, the more opportunities you will get to find the right job for you.

Subsequently, enlisting the help of a CMO recruiter can give any candidate the boost they need to find the right marketing executive job quickly. A recruiter’s job is to find the best candidate for the role they are working on. They make sure you are interested in the role and learn more about your background and interest to better recommend a position that fits your career goals as well as finding you the right culture fit. Marketing recruitment leaders are also able to help you negotiate a salary that will both benefit you and the employer.

In the end, you need to use all the tools and resources to understand what you need to thrive in this new environment. Implementing these three essential tips will help you navigate the job market more effectively and decrease the time you spend in the interviewing process.

Author:  Melissa Van Rossum