Job Skills and In-demand Marketing Jobs After COVID-19

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While the market is beginning to adjust to new realities, companies are exploring ways to move their company forward. In difficult times, issues within the business strategies that have been covered up by strong revenue are easily spotted. These need to be addressed along with the new buying patterns created by remote workers. Therefore, the job skills companies are looking for is changing faster than normal.

Now is a crucial time for candidates to revise and evaluate their skills and experience to make sure they are prepared to add value over the next decade. Just like businesses, people who invest in themselves now will come out of this difficult time faster than those who do not. The constant evolution of marketing will not slow down. All marketers must stay up-to-date on the latest job skills. As a result, MarketPro, the leading marketing executive search firm has identified the most in-demand marketing jobs after COVID-19.

Marketing Jobs Needed As Our Market Propels Forward:

VP of Ecommerce

Provides support for businesses through the development of sales and services on the web. The VP of E-commerce ensures customers receive prompt, courteous, and reliable service. They are tasked to track the activities of the company’s site regularly and report any situation that appears out of the norm.

Post COVID-19:
As customers transition into buying more things online, companies are quickly learning that they need to update their online presence to be more competitive. The online demand will continue to grow, therefore, companies are switching to“no-touch” payment options, improving the online experience, and all the backend technologies. Companies that have not moved to online platforms in the past have made the recruiting of e-commerce marketers one of their top priorities.

VP of Communication

The VP of Communication needs to be strategic. This role is responsible for handling all activities related to communication strategies and developing external relationships. They will drive awareness and support for the organization through mediums such as social media, news outlets, and etc. They keep the market informed about the changes and improvements the organizations have made to ensure every one of their consumers are provided with the best service or product.

Post COVID-19:
Organizations are becoming more aware of how important communication is within a business. The actions firms take today will define the outcome in the long-run. It is crucial to maintain the company’s connection with customers to ensure loyalty and transparency. There needs to be an increase in the amount of messaging along with any messages pertaining to the Coronavirus. Overall, the individual leading these interactions must be well prepared to deliver the right messages.

Director of Market Research

They are responsible for selecting suitable research methodology and supporting techniques to achieve a defined business goal. The Director of Market Research oversees a team that will survey customer preferences during the decision-making process. They should be able to evaluate qualitative data, patterns, tactics, and competition in order to increase profitability.

Post COVID-19:
The changes in the market have caused most organizations to reevaluate their customers’ current needs and expectations. Research plays a large role in understanding and retaining past and future customers. As more customers change their preferences, the research is utilized to determine how to drive loyalty within the company’s target market.

Data Scientists

Data Scientists collect and interpret data for the benefit of the company. These interpretations are then used to develop a data-driven solution to further the company’s goals.

Post COVID-19:

Data scientists are specialized in the detection of data that sometimes sticks out. One of the advantages of data science is that companies can determine their customer’s needs. Distinguishing which product or service will fall short will keep the company focused on rebranding or establishing new products/services. Hence, businesses eager to invest in opportunities to maintain their company’s profits will continue to open up more marketing jobs for data scientists.

Customer Experience Leaders


Customer Experience leaders are involved in the customer’s buying journey. They collaborate with UX designers, developers, marketing and communications, product managers to ensure seamless transitions for any customer across the purchase process.

Post COVID-19:

Customer Experience positions have become more popular even before the Coronavirus. As technology continues to advance quickly, businesses are prone to keeping up in order to stay competitive. After COVID-19, companies will be tasked to refocus their enterprise and reinvent their brand experience. Firms will need a strategy in order to improve their standing in the market. This leads to companies requiring an expert to ensure their buyer’s journey is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Digital Marketing Contractors

Digital Marketing Contractors discover new ways for businesses to interact with their target market. They handle newsletters, blogs, content creation, social media, etc. While digital marketers handle interactions with customers online, contactors are known for their specific skills within digital marketing.

Post COVID-19:
During the pandemic, organizations have resulted in cutting costs to ensure their company remains afloat. These organizations will need to build up once the market has returned back to normal. They will be more prone to hire contractors for staff augmentation with specific skill sets due to the flexibility they offer the team to get work done. Additionally, utilizing digital marketing contractors saves significant money over utilizing an outside agency.

Top Job Skills Needed In Marketing Departments:

Thanks to the shift to remote work, more and more organizations have become more open-minded. Whether companies will continue to work remotely or go back to the office, there will need to be a change in the way businesses attract customers. This will result in certain skill sets becoming more essential than others.

Here are 5 of the top soft skills every marketer should continue to possess:

  • Creativity
  • Persuasion
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Emotional intelligence

Here are 5 of the top hard skill sets in-demand after COVID-19:

  • Knowledge of blockchain
  • Knowledge of cloud computing
  • Analytical reasoning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • UX design

Regardless of your background, greater marketers can distinguish which of their skill sets can be translated into a new career or job opportunity. As we continue into a new marketplace, we must become adaptable and lifelong learners. Investing time and resources into your career development will yield many benefits and opportunities.

Author:  Melissa Van Rossum