Why Marketing Talent Agency Says You Should Still Send “Thank You” Emails

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There is no question that the changes in today’s market have altered the way we look for new job opportunities, construct resumes, and even answer questions during interviews. Some of the best practices from years ago no longer meet today’s standards and expectations. You must always be prepared to put your best foot forward. But, this does not mean every best practice is out of date. MarketPro, the top marketing talent agency, has heard many candidates question whether or not writing a “thank you” email is even relevant anymore. The answer to that question is a definite yes.

In the article by FlexJobs, they stated that even though only a quarter of applicants send thank-you notes after an interview, 80% of HR managers feel they are useful in helping them evaluate candidates. The candidates that do take the time and effort to send a thank-you note have a better chance of getting hired compared to the candidates who did not.

Sending a simple or vague email, on the other hand, could be seen as the same as sending nothing at all. Your email message must be carefully constructed to show your potential employer that you are passionate and excited about this position. To help you stand out and create a more persuasive email, the leading marketing executive recruitment firm has formulated two key components you should include.

Marketing Executive Recruitment Firm Shares 2 Key Elements You Must Include In Your Thank You Emails:


Personalization has been a huge topic over the last year. Everyone wants to feel like their needs and expectations are being addressed regardless of what, where, and how. The same goes for writing a thank you letter. You don’t want to include everyone in one email. Instead, think about all the conversations you have had. What was different about each one? Was there a subject that you and the interviewer both clicked on? What was the overall interview about? Remembering all of these details will help you construct a more tailored email that provides events or topics that were not discussed in other interviews.

If you find yourself answering the same questions in each interview, one crucial thing to write down is their name. Believe it or not, including a name can change the whole outcome. According to a study done by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, simply adding a name to the subject line of an email can increase the open rate by 20%. This is especially helpful if the recruiter is interviewing 10+ candidates and receiving 10+ resumes and thank you letters at the same time. Your ultimate goal is to make sure your email has had a chance to be read.


Sometimes during an interview, the leading marketing talent agency says candidates focus too much on one skillset and forget to mention the others. Thank you notes are a great way to strategically add those unmentioned skills in. You want to concentrate on two or three of your top strengths. What makes you a valuable candidate? What skills do you possess that will help them achieve their goals? Think about what the employer seems to be most interested in and tailor your skill sets to those needs. Don’t forget to use quantifiable examples. The more proof executive recruiters can see the better overview they have of you as a top candidate.

As an example, maybe the interviewer focused on your ability to manage others. Tell me about a time when you led a team? What would you change about your leadership style to make it better? Was there a time when you felt like an ineffective leader? What did you do? Questions like these are all based on one topic and should alert you to focus your attention mostly on this topic.

If you believe that the main topic of the interview focuses on your weakness, stress what other values you will bring to the job. You can even mention that you are a life-long learner or how quickly you have picked up other roles within your past organizations. You can even include past work attachments to further explain your strength. The key is to reassure the decision-maker that you are the top candidate for the job and can surpass expectations.

When you feel like you have addressed all of your key points, always make sure to go back and proofread your email. From years of experience as the leading marketing talent agency, nothing discredits your effort and message more than misspelled words and lack of punctuation.

Additionally, thank you emails are most effective when you send them out within twenty-four hours, preferably the same day as the interview if possible. Let them know you appreciate their time and that you were listening carefully to the skillsets they need. Make sure your letter isn’t too long. If you are still having trouble constructing your email, contact your marketing executive recruitment firm. Your recruiter has had many interactions with the company and already has a good understanding of what they are looking for. They would be able to guide you through the thank you email writing process.

Author:  Melissa Van Rossum