Marketing Certifications: Do You Need Them?

Marketing Certifications: Do You Need Them?

At MarketPro, we partner with many organizations from Fortune 500 companies and beyond. A common requirement for our clients with their digital or content marketing roles are marketing certifications. If you are a marketer in pursuit of a new role or may be open to new opportunities in the future, we have a few tips to get your resume seen faster.

Not sure where to start with marketing certifications? See our list of  11 most popular courses! See our list of 11 most popular courses!

Why Are Certifications Attractive to a Hiring Manager?

Our marketing recruiters for executive and other roles engage with talent in all industries to locate the best candidates. In order to do so, we (like the majority of all recruiters in the marketing field) utilize scrubbing tools that evaluate resumes and similar documents for specific needs of our clients. Some of these key terms (or keywords, in the language of marketers) is a multitude of marketing certifications. The certifications showcase a well-rounded marketer’s many talents. The first and most important benefit is experience with marketing technology. Utilizing marketing software as well as taking the next step to further educate yourself with the versatile digital applications guarantees proper execution. Secondly, a deeper understanding of popular marketing tools through training eliminates a learning curve, providing experience and efficiency. Thirdly, a leader who has up-to-date certifications will comfortably educate, train, and influence any marketing team.

How Do I Get Certified?

Fortunately, it’s easy! Our team has put together a detailed list of the Top 11 Marketing Certifications That Can Land You a Job in 2019 to help our fellow marketers find the tools that best fit their career needs. This list contains the most commonly requested certifications as well as the most accessible ones (many of which are free). Check them out today!

On the Job Hunt?

Building your resume takes time and with certifications (as well as listing them on your resume in the Education section) it makes it easier for marketing recruiters to locate the right opportunity for you as well as to provide you with information to be successful in your search. Take advantage of these tips to see more results from your efforts.


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