Why Relocation May Be the Best Thing to Happen in Your Career and For Your Family

Why Relocation May Be the Best Thing to Happen in Your Career

As the top executive search firm for senior level marketing, digital and e-commerce talent, most of the roles we work on include relocation as an option.

As you move to higher level roles in your career, you are more likely to be presented with relocation as part of your next role. Wherever you are located there are only so many CMO jobs and fewer that are in your area of expertise regarding industry. It becomes very likely that to continue your career growth and possibly land the role you have been working twenty plus years to achieve you will need to move your family.

Interestingly, we find that if this is the right next step for your career it is also right for the family. We are not saying it will be easy but the experience itself has incredible value as explained in our video below.

According to Going Global report, 92% of undergraduates surveyed indicated that they are willing to consider a relocation for a job, even if it means going abroad. But for mid to senior-level marketers, a relocation possibility may mean significant changes in lifestyle and comfort level not only for them but for their entire family.

Is Relocation the Best Thing to Happen in Your Career?

Video Transcript

As a marketing executive search firm we get the opportunity to work with a lot of great talented people and many times that includes a relocation, and we get lots of questions about relocation, and we also get lots of candidates that say, “I can’t relocate”, and one of the things that’s really interesting is once we call candidates after they’ve moved and after they’ve taken on the new opportunity to a) first check in on how he job is going and make sure that it is meeting their expectations but b) then also check in and see how is the relocation, how’s that working for you and your family; and the response we get is always really interesting , right?  “It was a very tough adjustment for my children, you know, the first three months was tough, the next three months it got a lot better, and after a year it was just normal”. But the interesting thing that came out of that is the fact that they had to be in a situation where they could struggle and they had to be in a situation where they had to make new friends and they had to be in a situation where they went through this difficulty is gonna pay dividends for them later on in their life because there are times where all of us will face difficulty, and now they’re better equipped to handle that then if we had never moved in the first place. And so it’s really one of the benefits you have of moving from point A to point B taking a new job, moving your career forward: there’s a real opportunity for your children to grow as you’re growing as a professional.


According to the Going Global report mentioned above, 61% of hiring executives recommended that working outside comfort zones is a key career driver for new hires. There is no growth in comfort professionally and personally speaking, and your family might benefit from a relocation experience in more ways than one.

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