Digital Executive Search Recruiter Tips To Nail Your Next Opportunity with an Updated Resume

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There is no question marketing executive roles have changed drastically. This is due to the shift in market demands and preferences as well as a more digitized marketing approach. However, as the leading digital executive search firm, despite the changes, we are still seeing top marketing professionals use the same marketing executive resume they’ve had for years.

The reality is time has changed and your marketing executive resume must change as well. Companies want to invest in marketing leaders who can execute top marketing strategies and utilize current methods and trends to stay ahead of their competition. Being able to understand how you respond to tough obstacles and how you were able to pivot your strategy is critical to your success. If your resume does not articulate modern marketing skills or does not address the concerns today, it could hurt your chances of better opportunities in the future. Therefore, as you continue your career advancements, implementing these small changes to your marketing executive resume can make a huge difference.

3 Small Changes Digital Executive Search Firm Recommends You Implement In Your Resume:

Quantifying Results & Metrics is Essential In Today’s Market

Results matter. You need to continue to provide valuable information that demonstrates your ability to maximize your return on investment. The best way to do this is with numbers. By including dollar amounts, growth percentages, lead volume, or website and SEO rankings, numbers are a powerful tool to show your accomplishments. However, the difference between your past marketing executive resume and your current one is the method and metrics you use to overcome the current obstacles your company has faced.

You need to show examples of campaigns you have executed based on the trends today during your digital executive search. As an example, e-Commerce marketing is a new and very popular marketing tactic to attract consumers. Smart companies are improving customer experience by investing in better e-commerce tools and technologies. Including your methods on how you were able to better understand the newly developed customers, and how you optimized the buyer’s journey will make you a stronger candidate.

The reality is, e-Commerce has advanced so fast companies require a marketing professional who can pay close attention to specific metrics and make informed decisions to further deliver value to consumers.

Online Branding Strategies & Results

With many consumers transitioning to online purchasing, each interaction counts. Your marketing executive resume must include experiences in which you were able to communicate your story at the right time, and on the right platform to help you reach your target audience more effectively. The great news is most companies have already jumped on the trend years back. You can include how you were able to transition your marketing efforts to better suit the needs of your target audience today. However, if your company has not implemented online marketing efforts in the past, you need to be able to articulate how you were able to build your brand’s online presence from the ground up.

Here are some examples of emerging trends top leaders are including in their marketing executive resume:

  • Personalization: With so many companies trying to reach the same group of consumers, it is hard to retain the target audience’s attention. Therefore, marketing executives are using data to learn more about each customer. By providing a better-curated list of products, blogs, and recommendations, they were able to increase the chances of more complete buying journeys.
  • Social Commerce: Companies are increasing their social media usage to sell goods and services through the account. It eliminates the extra steps in the buying process which would have caused consumers to abandon their carts. In fact, by increasing the influencer marketing budget for social media marketing, marketing executives can gain more market awareness.
  • Video marketing: Over the past few years, augmented reality shopping, virtual concerts, and gaming has redefined how companies will operate the business in the future. It is estimated that “the global volumetric video market will grow from USD 1.4 billion in 2020 to USD 5.8 billion by 2025.” The ability to record in 3D and capture the object, depth, and space in real-time is giving users a better customer experience and have the potential to increase conversion rates. Therefore, marketing executives have included this in their marketing strategy to build a better brand reputation, improve visibility, and increase the return on investment.

Emphasizing Your Soft Skills.

Soft-skills are mainly personality-based. The way you communicate and present yourself shows your ability to adapt, grow, and lead. All of which are in high demand during any digital executive search. The reality is constant changes in marketing will not slow down. Marketing professionals must become adaptable and a life-long learner to add value. Companies need a strong leader to guide the marketing team and remain competitive in the market. Here are the soft skills many organizations are looking for in their next marketing executive candidate:

  • Communication: Regardless of the working environment, communication skills are the foundation of a successful marketing team. You need to be able to speak clearly and articulate your message effectively. You also need to be a good listener. To put it simply, top leaders can listen to concerns, address them, and offer solutions to help each team member feel safe, appreciated, and motivated.
  • Critical Thinking: No matter what industry you are in, there will always be barriers you must overcome in marketing. Top leaders who can dissect the situation and make informed verdicts will continue to add value to the organization.
  • Work Ethic: Marketing professionals need a strong work ethic to encourage positivity, motivation, and determination within the work environment. How you convey yourself through this difficult time is the difference between a marketing executive and a great marketing executive. Companies want to make sure you are the most suitable investment for their company.
  • Agility: Achieving agility is difficult. However, the growth of digital marketing, marketing technologies, and customer expectations demand an agile marketing executive leader. You need to be able to pivot your marketing strategy to compete in today’s market. Your ability to plan, execute, and revise is the key to understanding your newly created customers. Therefore, the best marketers can recognize change and keep up with it.
  • Leadership: Marketing leaders will continuously be thrown obstacles throughout their careers. Whether the obstacles are small or large, top marketing executives can guide their team towards success. You must be able to evaluate each team member’s strong suits and utilize their expertise to execute the best marketing strategy. Not only does this cut down on the need for long hiring processes but helps your team become more efficient and effective.

Ultimately, a well-written marketing executive resume should tell a story. An employer should be able to understand the value and expertise you will add to the business. You want the interviewer to ask you more questions to express their curiosity about your work history. However, working in marketing is nothing less than fast-paced. To mitigate the risk of losing top opportunities during a digital executive search, your resume should be consumed with new methods and current accomplishments. Applying these tips will not only get your feet in the door but set you apart from the other marketing executives.

Author:  Melissa Van Rossum