How Remote Marketing Talent Should Navigate Career Uncertainty

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When certainty is questioned, it is very easy to assume the worst-case scenario. Remote marketing talent must remain positive during life’s unpredictabilities and turn them into opportunities. As the leading marketing executive search firm, MarketPro’s recruiters have heard these career concerns from candidates. We have invested time to better understand the best methods for career advancements during uncertain times. Talented marketers will always have a place in the workforce regardless of where they work. As always, it makes sense to be prepared, which will lead to a sense of confidence in uncertain times.

It is crucial that you continue to add value and take action towards your goals. You have a better chance for more opportunities to arise in the future when you are proactive. According to Yale’s Professor of Neuroscience, Daeyeol Lee, “We only learn when there is uncertainty.” The findings of this study highlight the importance of going outside of your comfort zone to seek new learning experiences. If you stop making progress, your performance will be hindered. This will lead to you being surpassed by someone who is a life-long learner during times of uncertainty. To combat the unknown, digital marketing executive recruiters recommend incorporating these tips to better prepare and tackle your doubts.

Digital Marketing Executive Recruiters Tips On How To Handle Job Uncertainty:

1. Write Down Different Career Options

There will always be uncontrollable factors that will change the course of your development. Complaining about the current situation will not make it any better. More often than not, it will add to the negativity within the team and delay productivity. Instead of focusing on the obstacles, take the time to revisit your past accomplishments and the skillsets you have obtained. Think about alternative career paths you would be interested in. Being able to see different opportunities encourages you to move forward with your plans or make new and improved ones.

2. Determine Your Evergreen Skills

As you progress through your career, you gain valuable information and skill sets that will set you apart from your peers. Determining which skills are evergreen will help you define your next career objective.

Examples of evergreen skills:

  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Design
  • Data Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Leadership
  • Change Agent

3. Continue To Learn

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

4. Continue To Network & Engage With Other Professionals

As top remote marketing talent, you should always continue to network. The relationships you build with marketers and executives in different industries and companies will strengthen your knowledge as well as your perspective. Use this time to cultivate a relationship that will help you down the road.

5. Display Your Work & Skills

While a resume is mandatory in order to show your accomplishments, there are many ways to display your talents and skills.

Some methods to share your thoughts and creativity would be:

  • Posting on LinkedIn
  • Creating a Blog
  • Creating an Online Portfolio
  • Starting a YouTube channel

6. Always Keep Your Resume Up-To-Date

As digital marketing executive recruiters, we understand the unknown of any career can be daunting. However, when you are prepared, finding new opportunities is less stressful. Make it a habit to update your resume every now and then. Taking time to evaluate how far you have come helps you understand where you are in your career.

7. Be Positive

“Hardship often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny” – C.S. Lewis


To mitigate risk during a possible career change, you need to understand your next career move. Specialized marketing recruiters can provide more knowledgeable ideas about other opportunities. While guiding you through the process, they will be able to find the best cultural fit for your needs and expectations. In the end, marketers should not be too quick to jump to conclusions. You have all the tools you need to thrive in this new environment.

Author:  Melissa Van Rossum