How To Recruit Top Marketing Contractors In A Borderless World

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As organizations face the new normal, the need to drive marketing ROI has never been more important. The success of your brand heavily relies on having the best marketing team. Therefore, marketing leaders need to change the way they look at talent acquisition. What is the best way to cost-effectively execute your vision? Knowing when, how, and where to locate top marketing contractors will give you the competitive advantage you need to take your brand to the next level.

With your company being remote, the location of your resources is no longer important. Now you can look for top digital marketing talent on a contract basis for SEO, paid media, content, analytics, etc. anywhere in the country. This opens you up to a wealth of additional marketing contractors and likely some significant cost savings. Essentially, you have the opportunity to build a team with a diverse range of skills to tackle time-sensitive projects that need to be done effectively. To ensure your marketing team is equipped with the best marketers, here is why many companies have incorporated this trend into their hiring process:

How Recruiting Marketing Contractors In A Borderless World Can Benefit Your Organization:

Larger Pool Of Candidates

As the leading marketing staffing agency, we have learned that time is of the essence within marketing. The chances of miscommunication or delayed responses within your team will slow down and affect your marketing process. By filling in the gaps with marketing contractors who are highly proficient in their particular sector, you will increase the quality of your output and help keep your existing team motivated.

Fortunately, with many companies already remote, the parameters that once restricted companies to hire within their local markets no longer applies to remote marketing teams. You can recruit from anywhere in the country. This allows you to select top marketing contractors from a larger pool of talent. As a result, you will have a fully effective marketing team to establish the best marketing strategy for you to gain more market share.

Better Return On Investment

Finding the right candidate to provide immediate ROI is not easy. It requires marketing professionals who are trained experts to effectively communicate and relate with your audience. Only agile and skilled marketing talent will be able to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing tactics. Therefore, marketing contractors are a great resource when time and/or budget are limited. They can improve your return on investment by working hand in hand with your team to execute top content and design strategies, paid media campaigns strategy, etc. while providing ultimate flexibility.

In addition, recruiting marketing contractors from a borderless world can increase savings. You can have a strong candidate with the expertise you require at a lower cost due to the cost of living in certain areas. Having this capability not only helps your marketing team execute your vision but lets you reallocate the rest of your budget to provide a more meaningful impact with your consumers.

However, sourcing talent from different locations can be difficult. You need to partner up with a leading marketing staffing firm who has had extensive experience in the field. What does their recruitment process look like? How do they determine if the candidate is qualified? What traits are they looking for to make sure the candidates will fit your company’s culture? As the leading marketing staffing agency, we have established best practices to solve these challenges. Here are a few strategies we use to determine top talent within our borderless recruitment process.

How Top Marketing Staffing Agency Recruits Top Marketing Contractors From A Larger Pool Of Candidates:

Understanding Candidates Beyond Their Resume

Any candidate who is looking for a job will most likely have a traditional resume. However, the reality is that it can be difficult to know which candidate is better for the position when both resumes seem identical. You must go beyond a candidate’s resume to determine the best fit. This is one of the most important changes recruiters can make to ensure they are focusing on the right talent.

The best method is to allow candidates to demonstrate their skill sets. Implementing tests or interactive challenges within the interview process will help determine their capabilities. With today’s technology, there are many useful resources to choose from.

Here are some examples of different types of test top recruiters implement into the recruitment process:

  • Job Knowledge Test: Measures a candidate’s technical or theoretical knowledge in the field
  • Cognitive Ability Test: Ability to measure a candidate’s general mental capacity
  • Skills Ability Test: Testing the candidate’s soft and hard skill sets

Prioritize Certain Skill Sets

When there is a larger pool of marketing contractors, it can be easy to lose sight of the main skill set a candidate needs to have. Break down all the qualities the marketer needs to succeed while working remotely. Typically, most recruiters will seek candidates that demonstrate effective communication, can collaborate and are a self-starter. While those are important when working remotely, they are not unique to the company. Determine the core of the job description. What is the end goal? What is the company missing? Your recruiter should be interviewing candidates who will be able to contribute to the company aside from the job itself.


To hire the best marketing contractor, you need to understand what kind of marketer you need. What are you expecting from the candidate? Will the candidate’s experience help them achieve the expected results? Even with the implementation of the previous steps, recruiters must have extensive knowledge of marketing.

Stepping into the interview process without a clear understanding will extend the search and waste valuable resources. You need a set of specialized marketing recruiters who will provide you with the necessary expertise in the field. Therefore, MarketPro’s recruiters dive into the specific qualifications the candidate needs to thrive in your organization. We narrow down only the top marketing contractors who we feel will exceed your expectations and more. If you are ready to fill in the gaps within your marketing team, now is the time to address your challenges and speed up the recruitment process.

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