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Marketing Is Changing Fast. Are You?

There’s no question marketing is evolving at a terrific pace. Contract staffing solutions from MarketPro offer an effective way to stay ahead of the competition, with flexible talent options to fit your needs and keep you on the cutting edge. Whether you need to supplement your marketing department with specialized expertise, tackle seasonal or cyclical marketing challenges, or an affordable way to try something new without the risk of a full time hire, we have an answer for you.

How It Works

Just a quick note to say “thanks for the tremendous effort”! Your responsiveness to our needs was extraordinary and it seems that the quality of your sourcing/recruiting has provided us with multiple talented people who will be able to hit the ground running. I am sure that we will be speaking again soon, but I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge what you have done in short order… as it is sincerely recognized and appreciated on this end. – William Koleszar, Chief Marketing Officer at National Spine and Pain Centers.

Sometimes you have specific marketing needs but don’t want to commit to a full-time hire. Maybe you can’t quite fit it in your budget this year. Maybe you just need temporary assistance for cyclical work or additional bandwidth to execute a critical project. Whatever the reason, you need some extra marketing talent…and you need it fast.

That’s where MarketPro comes in. We connect you with our network of experienced, proven marketers and find someone who fits your situation. Our industry-experienced recruiters understand your needs better than anyone else and know how to identify the right talent to fill them.

We present the best candidates to you, and you choose who you want to work with. Whether it’s one marketing expert or one hundred, those individuals stay on our payroll and work with you on a contract basis for the period of time you need them.



Customized Marketing Solutions

No two organizations share the same marketing needs. Different industries, competitive environments, market positions and more call for a variety of marketing talent.

Do you need expert marketing communications talent? We get it – marketing communications plays a vital role in how your message is perceived, presented, and processed by your target audience. MarketPro is an unparalleled communications staffing agency that delivers the marketing communications talent you need to alleviate the stress of successful operation in the marketing world.

Do you need A-level public relations talent? As one of the top PR and marketing recruitment agencies in the country, trust us to step in and lead on your behalf to find the qualified PR talent you need in a timely fashion.

Whether you’re a huge global brand or a growing startup with a big vision, we’ll work with you to find the best contract staffing solutions fit for your unique needs anywhere in the country.

Marketing Staffing Services by Location

Staffing Solutions by Industry

Staffing Solutions by the Area of Expertise

Reduce Your Risk

This is not the first time we have partnered with MarketPro. We go back to them for senior-level marketing roles because they deliver at a consistently high level. In the end, we had multiple great candidates to choose from for each role. The toughest part was picking from multiple talented professionals. – Charles Freund, EVP Global Sales at FleetCor Technologies

In the fast-paced world of marketing, you’re usually operating on a tight schedule. In such an environment, the risk of bringing in the wrong marketing professional or interim is high, especially if you don’t have regular experience finding and communicating with top marketing talent.

The outcome of a wrong choice is costly: a subpar output on your critical marketing efforts plus the cost of finding another properly qualified fit.

You can’t afford to let your marketing suffer while you struggle to find the right talent for the job. Get the marketers you need, the first time, with contract staffing from MarketPro.

We’re no strangers to finding and recruiting today’s best marketing talent. It’s all we do. We eliminate your risk of investing in an under-qualified or poor-fitting candidate and get you the talent you need fast.

The Cost-Efficient Answer

Pay for talent only when you need it
Not all marketing needs call for a full-time hire. Sometimes you just need additional expertise and bandwidth for a few months. Through our marketing staffing service, you gain access to world-class talent for the time you need it—without the indefinite obligations of a full-time position. No need to bring someone on full-time to meet short-term challenges.
Get it done right the first time
Few things kill your marketing momentum faster than having to refill a marketing role because the previous talent wasn’t the right fit. We take the time to thoroughly understand your needs and workplace culture, so you can be sure you’re getting candidates with the capabilities, mindset and work ethic to thrive in your organization.
Reduce the load on your marketing staff
You and your marketers are busy enough as it is. Free up their bandwidth for more creative and strategic work, while executing the day to day tactical work with expert contract talent. Our experienced staffing, marketing resources will bring you the best of the best, so you only have to consider a handful of extremely good fits for your positions for a quick and easy selection.

No matter what your unique marketing department situation or your contract staffing needs, we can help you achieve greater ROI with better talent that has the technical abilities and appropriate experience level for your company. From cutting-edge digital staffing to proven creative talent on demand, MarketPro has a solution for you.

Top talent. Flexible. Quick-turn-around. Cost efficient. Yours.


Contract Staffing for Marketing Resources

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Flowchart: How to Tell if You Need Marketing Staffing Solutions

From executive leadership to raw productive power, consultants to creatives and everything in between, flexible marketing talent solutions bring you plenty of options. Get a better understanding of the kind of talent you need and leverage it in the most productive way for better ROI. Our flowchart will help you determine the nature of your needs and whether staffing for marketing would make a good solution. It is a step-by-step guide to determining what kind of contractor would best serve your needs. Download now

8 Interview Questions You Must Ask Your Next Content Marketer

Choosing the best content marketer available for your brand now will pay dividends for years to come. Make sure you’re making the right choice; modify your interview process to get better insights to your candidates’ capabilities. Our checklist will give you 8 questions specially designed to reveal what you need to know about your content marketing candidates and short explanations of the kind of answers top content marketers will provide, and how to make the most of your discussions. Download now

Checklist: 7 Revealing Questions for Interviewing Mobile Marketing Professionals

Whether your business needs executive oversight, the advice of a consultant, or executional capacity from developers and creatives, or any other kind of mobile expertise, it’s essential to bring in the right talent for your situation. Don’t risk hiring the wrong mobile marketing talent at a critical time. Our checklist will give you 7 interview questions specially designed to grant unique insights into a mobile marketing candidate at any level as well as an explanation of the kinds of answers to look for from top mobile experts and tips for guiding the discussion forward. Download now

Checklist: 8 Interview Questions You Must Ask Your Next Social Media Manager

Your social media presence is too important to hand over to an under-qualified or unexperienced individual. You need someone who understands the potential of social media and the responsibility of being the voice of your brand. Our checklist will give you 8 revealing questions that expose your candidates’ social competence and capabilities and a rundown on the sort of answers to expect from top performing social media marketers. Download now

Contract Staffing FAQs

QuestionWhy would I choose staffing over making a full-time hire?

Answer: Marketing is changing at a rapid rate, and predicting the future is difficult for even the most experienced professionals. Adding a full-time hire to your team is a good idea when you know you’ll have a long-term demand for a certain expertise or production level. But if you’re not sure about the extended utility of a position, or just need some extra capacity to execute a big project or cyclical business needs, using a staffing firm for marketing to identify an interim contractor is often much more cost-effective.

Question: Who manages the day-to-day work of the contractor?

Answer: Someone in your organization will be responsible for overseeing day duties and assigning responsibilities. However, it is important to keep those assignments within the original scope of work and projects outlined in the contract.  For example; if you bring in SEO staffing to work on a big project, you shouldn’t reassign them to unrelated work such as creative design or digital advertising. Additionally, you do not have many other managerial responsibilities such as performance reviews, disciplinary action, compensation discussion, etc. and should avoid acting on them.

Question: Is it appropriate for me to have discussions about salary with my contractor?

Answer: No, conversations about compensation of any kind are a breach of contract and put your business at risk of coemployment. All matters of payment and reward should go through your contract staffing agency partner. If you’re interested in rewarding a contractor for good work, read here.

Question: Can I tell my contractor if they are doing some wrong or against our company policy?

Answer: Absolutely. It’s important to inform your contractors of all relevant corporate policies and workplace expectations, and should let them know immediately when they behave inappropriately.

Similarly, you should provide feedback as necessary to ensure they’re providing work up to the standard and quality needed to complete your assignments.

Question: What happens if I need to end the assignment early?

Answer: Sometimes, a marketing need will get cut short or your priorities will shift and you’ll no longer have immediate use for a contractor. If you need to end a contract early, contact your account manager at your staffing marketing firm. Explain the situation and work with them to create an agreeable arrangement between your business, the contractor and your staffing agency.

Question: What happens if I want to add a temporary contractor to our full-time staff?

Answer: Sometimes you’ll bring in a contractor who is so great you simply MUST bring them onboard your team, or will find out that a need you thought was short-term could be extended indefinitely. When that happens, it’s entirely possible to hire them full-time (assuming the contractor is also interested in your terms). MarketPro is happy to work with you to determine a mutually agreeable arrangement for the transfer of an individual to full-time from contract.

Question: What happens if a contractor gets hurt on the job?

Answer: If the injury is life-threatening or severe, you should call 9-11 immediately. As soon as the situation is no longer in an immediate state of emergency, you should contact your staffing firm’s marketing account manager. Your agency should have workman’s comp insurance and will explain the next steps to you and the contractor.

Staffing, Marketing: Best of the Blog

marketing staffing communications staffing agency staffing marketing marketing for staffing agencies pr and marketing recruitment agencies staffing firm marketing

Our top ideas, stories, suggestions, and information on staffing straight from the MarketPro blog.

Marketing Contractors vs Freelancers: The Ultimate Guide for Choosing What’s Best for You

Two of the most common (and most similar) interim marketing workforce options are freelancers and contract marketing staffing. Each has its place, and depending on your situation and the work you need done either one could be the superior choice. But distinguishing the two, and deciding what’s best for your department, requires a nuanced understanding of each option’s strengths.

Consider the following factors:

  • How Long Do You Need Help? Are you faced with a project that just needs a few hours or days of work and polish? Or are you looking at a talent need that could go months, years, or indefinitely?  Contract marketing staffing is usually a better solution for projects and campaigns with larger or indefinite scopes.
  • Do You Need One Expert, or Several? For occasions where finding enough independent marketers for your needs becomes too burdensome, it’s time to call up your staffing partner. They can manage sourcing many contractors at once, arrange marketing RPO, or even assist you in insourcing an entire flexible marketing agency.
  • What is Your Urgency to Get Started? We’re not going to put someone in a seat by the end of business hours today. However, we will be able to find someone consistently quickly, and may already have a few options on hand or in our network who are eager to get started. If you’re eager to get started, a staffing marketing firm is a smart choice.
  • Are You 100% Sure You’re above Board in Terms of Coemployment? If this is even remotely a concern for you, it’s something that needs to be treated very carefully. Fortunately, you can dodge the question almost entirely by partnering with a respectable contract marketing staffing firm.
  • What Level of Expertise Do You Need? More general, traditional marketing skills are relatively available in the freelance pool. But for less-common skillsets, you’ll often have more luck working with a marketing contract staffing agency experienced in finding specific capabilities and experiences.
  • How Important is Reliability in Your Contingent Workforce Solutions? If accountability and reliability are important to the way you do business, you’ll get far more of it from a reputable staffing agency than a lone freelancer operating on their own. You’ll have a definitive partner who’s under contract to deliver results.

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The Best Way to Squeeze Every Last Drop of Marketing Value from Your End-of-Year Budgets

Depending on how their years have gone, many marketing leaders will find themselves with a little margin left over in certain budgets at the end of the year. If you’re one of them, how can you make the most of the various pockets of cash lingering in your marketing department’s balance sheet?

One of the most reliable ways to get consistent productivity from spare budget space is, without a doubt, contract marketing staffing solutions. It’s an excellent way to bring in extra production capacity and expertise to work on a pet project, overhaul outdated systems, or give your hard-working full-time team a little breathing room.

You may be able to pull from more budget buffer space than you realize. There are the typical marketing department budgets, of course—campaign and special project funds, technology and IT budgets, vendor accounts, etc.

But don’t forget to look at agency budgets, reserves set aside for consultants, and the general operating budget. These are places that senior marketers who get wrapped up in the day-today rigors of marketing might not consider. But with a little creativity and an experienced staffing partner, any extra space found in these cash pools can be translated into more experienced marketers working alongside your team.

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How to Test Out That Wild New Marketing Idea You’re Not 100% Sure Will Work (With Minimal Risk)

Imagine you wanted to try out a brand new digital channel that no one on your team has any experience with. Or think of an innovative way your brand could take an advantage of emerging digital technology like VR or wearables.

Got a crazy idea that could either crash and burn or skyrocket your brand ahead of the competition? Clever marketing leaders like you can take advantage of a flexible marketing workforce solution to bring their innovations to life, while minimizing the fallout should they prove to be a dud.

Indulge your inner marketing mad scientist without tying your business to long-term employment obligations: contract marketing and digital staffing.

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Why Gender Diversity in the Marketing Department from Top to Bottom Matters (Even among Your Interim Staff)

Business leaders have an ethical and financial responsibility to make sure the part of the organization responsible for sustained growth–the marketing department–is well represented at all levels.

Diversity has a direct, meaningful, and measurable impact on business effectiveness. Companies with a diverse staff led by professionals found through women and minority marketing search firms enjoy significantly higher earnings and returns on equity than their homogenous counterparts.

The non-traditional workforce is growing quickly. Marketing is no stranger to “alternative” work arrangements; organizations have long leveraged contract marketing staffing, freelancers, interim executives and consultants to gain access to the capacity and expertise they need. But these talent pools are frequently overlooked when it comes to considering diversity and enforcing relevant workforce policies.

Contracted and temporary talent solutions typically aren’t factored into a business’s employment demographic statistics, and perhaps rightfully so. But that doesn’t mean that marketing leaders can afford to disregard the makeup of their flexible marketing workforce solutions.

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How to Onboard Interim Marketing Staff and Turn Them Into Productivity Factories ASAP

When you make a big business investment into a resource that’s available for a limited time, it’s important to start getting value from it as quickly as possible. That’s true for equipment, partnerships, tools and perhaps most importantly, talent.

Flexible workforce solutions for marketing abound, from digital marketing consultants to contractors, staffing, freelancers, interim marketing executives and beyond. High-quality talent used strategically in this manner can deliver tremendous ROI and dramatically improve your business’s flexibility. But it doesn’t come cheap. The sooner you get your new interim marketers onboarded, the more value you’ll get from them. Enlist in the guidance of a staffing firm, marketing to stay ahead!

Safety First!

You are just as responsible for the safety of your flexible marketing staff as you are for your full-time employees.

Your business should also have a procedure for if someone feels harassed or threatened in any way–make sure you share your policies with your interim marketing staff.

Get a Workspace and Equipment Set Up

If you want your new media contractors or digital marketing consultants to step in right away and start being productive, you need to give them the right tools and access to jump right in. Do as much of this as possible ahead of time so your new marketer can spend less time wrestling with technical issues and navigating internal bureaucracy and more time using the talent your hired them more.

Team Integration

Most staff, whether full-time employees or interim marketing contractors, work best in an environment and culture where they feel welcome and ‘part of the team.’ They’ll work harder, communicate better, and have fewer problems with their peers. That’s especially important in marketing teams, where collaboration is critical for sustained success.

Learn more about onboarding marketing contractors.

The Little Things

Businesses often get too distracted with big-picture onboarding to remember the little things that matter to human beings throughout the day. Don’t take the basic knowledge you use about your workplace every day for granted.

The Outdated Perspective on Digital Staffing That’s Hamstringing Your ROI

Are your marketing contractors and freelancers not producing the quality of results you’re used to? Are you having a harder and harder time finding the skills and expertise you need to fulfill your interim digital goals?

There are a lot of potential causes for that, but one in particular is becoming more common at an alarming rate: unrealistic, antiquated compensation expectations for temporary staff.

If your business is still operating on the mindset of stagnant employment and compensation from several years ago, you’re going to start losing out on top talent, and your marketing will suffer accordingly.

A Swelling Demand for Dwindling Supply

Staffing for marketing and digital needs is very different from how you might approach administrative, IT, legal, or other business demands that are commonly met by contract staffing. Those disciplines, while important, are relatively stable and consistent.

Compared to those fields, marketing is moving at a million miles an hour. It’s getting more complex and specialized in a million different directions every year, meaning it’s progressively harder to find someone with the specific skillset you need to execute your mission.

Average Rates, Average Talent, Average Marketing

If you asked any good CMO if they would be happy running an “average” marketing operation, you would of course expect them to respond with a resounding “NO!”

In today’s business environment, being exceptional is more of a requirement than an option. Competition is higher than ever, and middle-of-the-road just doesn’t cut it when it comes to attracting the attention of potential customers. There’s always someone else trying to do it better.

Competing with Full-Time Opportunities

If you haven’t taken a close look at the job market for marketing and digital experts recently, its current state will probably surprise you. While a few years ago marketers were scrambling to find work amidst layoffs and hiring freezes, now businesses are the ones struggling to find the right expertise for their myriad and often very niche needs.

Marketers have never been more empowered to be able to analytically and demonstrably prove their worth. That means if you’re a strong marketer with a good track record and an in-demand skill, you’ll often have your pick of organizations trying to hire you, often with impressive compensation packages.

Read more on this topic.

What Marketers Need to Know to Make Your First Contract Staffing Initiative a Success

Strategically using marketing contingent workforce solutions can be an excellent way to wring more value from your marketing budget. But if you’re new to the concept of professional staffing and aren’t sure how to properly leverage this talent resource, it can end up costing you more than it helps. Before you commit to staffing or bring in your first contractors, it’s important to clear up any confusion and avoid rookie mistakes.

You’re Not the Employer–So Don’t Act Like One!

It’s important to understand your relationship with the contractors you bring in. You can manage and direct them; but you must remember that the staffing firm you’ve partnered with is the actual employer. As such, you should let us handle matters of compensation, discipline, contract terms and the like.

Discussing these matters with your contract staffing can ruffle your partnership with your staffing agency. It also puts your business at risk of co-employment issues; if you start acting like an employer, then you are an employer (at least as far as the IRS is concerned). If you take on employer status, then you also take on employer obligations: taxes, benefits, and compensation. That quickly gets very expensive for you and your firm.

Know Exactly What the Purpose Your Staffing is Filling

When things are hectic and your marketing is struggling to meet its goals, staffing is often seen as a “call in the cavalry” tactic to provide support when it’s badly needed. That makes sense, but it also means planning out contracts is often done in a haphazard manner. It’s very important that you understand why you’re bringing these professionals in. You want to know the problem they’re being used to solve–not bringing them in as a solution and then scrambling to make up a problem. Even if your marketing is in a state of chaos, don’t bring in contractors just for the sake of “doing something”.

Your Genius Contractors Still Need Support and Guidance

Many businesses understandably bring in expert marketing contractors because they won’t need much training and will be able to start delivering results quickly. But though they won’t need much catching up in terms of marketing skills, they still need to understand what makes your workplace and team dynamics tick. Explain basic things very early on, like the office layout, break policies, safety procedures, etc. Introduce them to the internal team they’ll be working most closely with. After all, you don’t want them wasting precious time wandering around in search of highlighters or a restroom!

Contractors’ Impact on Your Workplace

Though they aren’t full-time employees, your marketing contractors can still impact core aspects of your workplace atmosphere and culture. After all, they’re still people who will be spending a significant amount of time right alongside your team. A contractor that meshes well with your marketing and gets along with your team members will contribute positively to your workplace, while someone who just doesn’t click can be a detriment to morale and productivity.

That’s why it’s important to take culture fit into account when selecting your temporary marketing staff.

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