Should You Relocate For Marketing Executive Jobs?

Marketing executive jobs

Top marketing executive candidates have altered their thought process on relocation. According to PwC, roughly 72% of workers prefer to work from home. Does this mean corporations have changed their stance on remote/hybrid working environments? The answer depends on your industry and level. MarketPro is still seeing companies in certain industries push to have a larger percentage of face-to-face interaction as opposed to virtual work. What will you do when these marketing executive jobs are presented?

As the leading chief marketing officer executive search firm, we are seeing top marketers narrow down specific criteria they look for in a new job opportunity. Knowing their abilities and options, these top candidates are no longer interested in the idea of relocating for marketing executive jobs. To put it blankly, their interest falls once “relocation” is even mentioned.

This doesn’t surprise us at all. There is no question we are living in a candidate-driven market. These marketers have already proven their ability to work remotely and would like to keep it that way. While many companies do offer remote or hybrid working environments, should you consider relocation too? Here is what MarketPro has witnessed with our past searches.

Should You Consider Relocating For Marketing Executive Jobs?

The answer is based on what matters to you. We are commonly seeing entry, junior, and mid-level marketers have more options when it comes to remote or hybrid work. As your career grows and you become more senior, likely, you will still need to consider relocation.

The reality is if the company is investing a large sum into an executive leader they want that individual to be able to meet in the office with other senior leaders. Not only is it their job to optimize marketing efforts but they must be able to work cross-functionally with other departments and train individuals that need more guidance. Overall, being close to the headquarter and having the ability to go into the office helps you and the company grow.

With this in mind, marketing executives who are open to the idea of relocation will have more job opportunities. However, one common reason that holds candidates back from relocation is timing. Whether it’s due to a child’s school situation or family circumstances, you should always do what you think is best. If you believe the opportunity is a good fit, consider looking for ways to be creative. How can you make this work? Always consider the bigger picture for yourself and your family.

It’s smart to think long and hard about where you want your career to go and what location will be able to provide you with the most advantage. Simply put, there are only so many CMOs in one state. If you want a CMO position, you have to move where there is opportunity. Don’t limit yourself by blowing off the idea of relocation.

Instead, when you get the next call from an executive search consultant, take the time to listen. Don’t be too quick to say no after you hear the term “relocation”. Figure out what you need from the next opportunity. What is your next step after your current job? Will the compensation and benefits package be worth the move? What kind of career boost do you need?

Sometimes the opportunity may require relocation but have some flexibility on remote work. This is why listening could be your biggest advantage. It’s worthwhile to consider the options and to talk it over with your family and friends. Who knows, maybe accepting a new job in a new city or state could open a wide range of opportunities for you and your family.

At the end of the day, relocation is based on what your future goals are. You should never, however, turn down an opportunity without doing your due diligence. Give the executive search consultant time to tell you about the position. Tell them about the concerns you may have. More often than not, the requirements may change for the right candidate.

Author:  Melissa Van Rossum