Company Changes? Advance Your Career With Marketing Executive Recruiters Guide

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As marketing executive recruiters, we are seeing the demand for better communication and customer experience reach an all-time high. This has created a unique level of demand for fresh leadership perspectives and has set the stage for a frenetic pace of executive changes to take place over the next twelve months.

Therefore, as top leaders, you must be able to show your value and contribution to the team as the company experiences changes. Failure to do so, could result in career advancement delays or stop your advancement altogether. Here are a few tips the leading chief marketing officer executive search firm has seen top leaders incorporate into their daily functions.

What Marketing Executive Recruiters Are Seeing Top Leaders Do To Advance Their Careers While Companies Navigate Changes:

Pay Attention To New Leadership Styles

Change can be difficult. Regardless, everyone has one common goal; to build a unified marketing team that can target customers effectively and efficiently. Therefore, understanding new leadership styles is the first step to building a relationship within the team and showcasing your value. Does your new leader have a different approach from the last leader? What kind of strategy do they prefer? In most cases, this isn’t too hard to figure out. New leaders tend to lay out new game plans and expectations from the start.

It is your job to make sure you are playing your part and helping the team reach its ultimate potential. The easiest way to approach this is to write down the team’s focus, understand priorities, and add value to show you are an asset. However, if your leaders have not openly expressed their game plan, you should consider sitting down with them to get a better idea of what they are looking for.

At the end of the day, the company might be changing but your goal is to make sure they understand you are changing with them. You want to build a positive mindset within your team while optimizing your full capabilities. The more impact you make in the company, the more valuable you will become.

Be Prepared

If you have been with the company for quite some time, you most likely will know where your industry or organization is heading in the future. You should also have a better understanding of what kind of disadvantages the company has or what the company is trying to fix. Use this information and knowledge to help you advance your career.

Does the company need to invest in more marketing tools? Is there talk about hiring top talent for a new executive position? Does the company need to add more money to research and development? To properly answer these questions, marketing executive recruiters highly recommend you try to place yourself in the CEO’s role and envision the goals for the upcoming year.

The reality is if your company is going through leadership changes, more often than not, they are looking for new ideas. This is the perfect time for you to step up and be ready to share your thought-out recommendations during meetings. You can address the possible struggles you will see and lay out any pain points the new leader might have. Not only are you showing your leadership skills and providing clear insight to help the organization optimize its opportunities in the market, but you are also building a bond with the new leader. A bond that could help you advance your career in the future.

Overall, leadership changes within an organization should not cause top marketing professionals any stress. Good marketers understand you should always add value and take advantage of opportunities if you want to advance yourself in any way. Even if your organization is one of the few companies that will not experience an executive transition this year, it wouldn’t hurt to adjust your methods to better align with how your team functions.

However, if the change in your organization has taken a shift for the worst or there is absolutely no change in recent years, it is probably time to consider new opportunities. Reach out to the leading chief marketing officer executive search firm to better understand what kind of opportunities will meet your needs and expectations.

Author:  Melissa Van Rossum