Video Interview Tips For Ambitious Marketers

Video interview tips

With today’s uncertainty, some marketers may start looking for new job opportunities either out of choice or necessity. During this time, in-person interviews are being replaced by videoconferencing. Fortunately, most companies are continuing their marketing hiring to help them recover as fast as possible. Smarter businesses are even recruiting and completing onboarding processes 100% through various videoconference platforms. With the rapidly evolving interview process, top talent needs to be up-to-date on the most successful video interview tips.

A good online presence is a crucial part of getting the next big marketing opportunity you’ve been seeking. In a virtual interview, planning to succeed is no different from an in-person interview. However, there are certain things that need to be considered before and after online interviews.

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It may be tempting to wake up a little later to get ready for an online interview. Ultimately whether the interview is in-person or online, the best candidate does not necessarily get the job. The candidate who interviews best does. It is important to get ready as if you were going to an interview in-person. It will help you adopt a professional attitude and feel comfortable about your appearance. For those in the job market, the popular expression “dress for success” should always be a good reminder.

Professional appearance is critical but it’s just as essential to educating yourself on the business. Be sure to take some notes in order to display your executive presence. While some may believe executive presence comes naturally, it is a skill set that can be improved and developed over time. A candidate can begin to show their executive presence through their speech and expertise. The confidence and tone in the way an individual speaks will determine the respect and attention they receive in the room. Adjacently, it is hard to convince an interviewer that you would be the best fit without proper knowledge of the company and job description.

Once a candidate is fully prepared subject-wise, it is best to make sure the environment is up to par. You should always have your resume, portfolio, and other documentation ready in case it needs to be addressed. You should never, however, have stacks of paper visible on camera.

Other than a cluttered desk, there are many things that could cause a distraction during the interview. Here are some of the most common distractions to eliminate before the interview:

  • Dying computer/laptop battery
  • Notifications/calls from smartphones
  • Background noise
  • Look at your notes too frequently


You should be prepared to answer questions regardless of the interview format they choose. What they are looking for is to understand how your experience and expertise can contribute to the business. When answering the questions, make sure to look straight into the camera. A great trick is to work on another user’s computer or laptop before the interview. You’ll be able to see and hear how you appear to others.

If you would like to improve your preparation, Bob Van Rossum shares his advice on online interviews and how to prepare:

Video: How To Prepare for a Video Interview


One benefit of doing a video interview is already being prepared directly after the interview to follow up with others. While you are already sitting in front of your laptop, you should always be sure to thank your interviewer for their time especially if you promised to give them additional information.

These are a few key elements you should always remember when writing your “thank you” email:

  • Send separate emails to each interviewer
  • Express why you want the job and address anything you wish you had mentioned
  • Revisit any issues the interviewer brought up during the interview
  • Don’t overwrite
  • Always check grammatical errors before sending

The more time you spend preparing for the interview, the more confidence you will have which will come through during the interview process. Applicants who are well prepared for the interview are less likely to get overwhelmed. It is also a great advantage to have a recruiter like MarketPro who is familiar with the job description and has personally interacted with the client. They will direct you on what the client expects, and help you concentrate on the value you bring to the company.

Unfortunately, most candidates do not get comfortable with online interviews on the first try. It’s important to feel as relaxed and confident on camera so it doesn’t appear too rehearsed or unnatural to you. Practicing is the only solution to virtual interviews. The more you practice the more it feels normal. Stay competitive, and use MarketPro’s tips to practice your online presence.

Author:  Melissa Van Rossum