5 Interview Phrases Marketing Executive Search Firm Recommends NOT To Use

Being the best candidate doesn’t always mean you will get the job. A few aspects are important when you’re trying to climb up the corporate ladder. Always be a diligent learner and know the importance of the interview process.

As you are working to stand out from the crowd, you do not want simple things to cost you a great opportunity. Interviewers have already set an image of the ideal candidate they are going to hire. Only knowing the facts about the company or industry won’t qualify you as the best candidate.

To prepare you correctly, here are the top five things you shouldn’t say in an interview:

5 Things Marketing Executive Search Firms Recommend NOT to Say in an Interview

  • “Umm…”
    Why: This is often referred to as “verbal delays.” As technology advances, society has adapted a non-verbal communication structure which causes people to struggle with this more than ever. Using “umm” serves as a buffer when thinking of an answer that best fits the question. The repeated use of verbal delays is disruptive and undermines your ultimate answer. Not to mention, what it says about your communication style and overall executive presence. Regardless of experience, our marketing executive search team rules candidates out daily for an inability to communicate in a succinct and compelling manner. Solution: The best way is to properly prepare for the interview. If you are susceptible to using the word “umm”, then make sure you practice answering a set of potential or frequently asked questions in front of a mirror or with a partner. Another approach is to breathe deeply. The oxygen will help clear your head and help you answer the question effectively.
  • “So…yeah”
    Why: This phrase is used by interviewees at the end of a statement. When candidates attempt to prolong their response in hopes of impressing the employer, they run out of examples and adds in “so…yeah” to conclude their response. Consequently, the phrase eliminates all of the credibility gained from the elaborate and well-constructed answer given before it. The awkward ending is most likely what the interviewer will remember when they review the final candidates. Solution: When you happen to get a little long-winded, a beneficial tip is to go back to the original question. Phrases such as “therefore, in general” or “going back to the original question” are great examples that demonstrate you’ve always been focused on the question.
  • “Almost”
    Why: The word “almost” is a clear indicator of the experience you lack. Always focus on the things you have accomplished, not the events you “almost” accomplished. With many years in the marketing executive search business, our team has come across many interviewees who could not construct an answer that best represents their past experiences. Solution: The best advice is to write down everything you have achieved and practice answering questions with examples from your past careers. Determine how those situations will allow you to add value to the company you are interviewing for. If you are still stumped, ask for a glass of water. This should give you time to wrap what you have done that relates to the question.
  • “Perfectionism is my greatest weakness”
    Why: As a marketing executive search firm, we can not tell you how many times this response was used during the interview process. This answer will not help you stand out from the crowd. It does not offer any insight into what your personality is like or how you prefer to work. The question “what is your biggest weakness” should be answered in a unique way. You want your answer to encompass your challenges but sound overcomeable. Solution: If perfectionism is your greatest weakness, try rewording the answer. Changing your answer to “little details” or “fixated on…” adds a unique spin on the response meanwhile, keeping the meaning the same. Your one of a kind response not only shows creativity but will aid your application to stand out.
  • “That’s a great question!”
    Why: Though it’s a great line to add to a social conversation, an interview is not the place to incorporate it. Most interviewers have a set list of questions they ask every candidate. While some interviewees find it adds excitement to the interview process, the reality is that the phrase is a space filler and adds no real value to your answer. Solution: We only have one suggestion for the mistake. Skip the flattering comments and go straight into the answer. “Wow” your interviewer with your experience and goals instead.

Now that you have understood the 5 most common mistakes candidates say in an interview, you can go on and learn about all the other key components to making your interview worth remembering. We have created a whole guide on marketing career growth. The content covers everything from the first interview call to negotiation. Drive your marketing career forward and implement these tips today!