Why Executive Digital Search Agency Says You Should Concentrate On Livestreaming

Executive Digital Search Agency

Fueled by the pandemic, the leading executive digital search agency has seen live-streaming become an even more popular choice for many businesses and organizations. Top companies have taken advantage of social media live stream options. Churches have transferred to live streams. Schools have implemented it into their systems. Even fundraisers have made the shift.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, live streaming tripled between 2019 and 2020 from 13% to 35%. It’s easy to understand why this method has become one of the top strategies for companies to communicate with the target market. It is easy to navigate and a relatively inexpensive way to connect with your audience. Assuming you have all the right tools to execute quality content, all you have to do is push a button.

Here are some benefits the leading chief digital officer executive search firm has discovered when using live-streaming as a resource.

Why Chief Digital Officer Executive Search Firm Recommends You Add Live-Streaming To Your Marketing Strategy:

Live Streaming Can Provide Community

During times like this, customers are comforted when market leaders inspire and guide them through the storm. By creating a community that shares a common interest, your brand can be associated with the positive engagement that occurs when like-minded individuals have a shared experience. This is something that is just not possible through one-way communication e.g. emails, social media posts, or blog posts.

People crave human interaction. They want a place to share their thoughts, opinions, and challenges. A place where everyone understands their point of view and can relate. Live streaming with chat functionality, lets the viewers do just that. They can ask questions, react to certain topics with emojis, read other comments, and interact with others.

Not only are you creating a community but this is also a great opportunity to improve your product or service based on real-time feedback.

Live Streaming Can Provide Personalization

According to the leading executive digital search agency, personalization in the customer journey is no longer a luxury. Today’s customers expect that brands know them based on their interactions and past purchase behavior. They expect brands to tailor the buying experience to their needs—and even their future wants. Without that personalization, customers tend to lose interest quickly.

Fortunately, the constant evolution of technology has made it easier for marketing professionals to understand their customers based on data they have acquired. Companies can now provide a better-curated list of products, blogs, and recommendations.

Adding a live stream into the mix is another opportunity to add data points to your customer profiles. What kind of live stream topic is collecting more viewers? Do users interact with you during the live stream? What are the viewers saying? This is your chance to communicate with the viewers and learn their likes and dislikes to better align your customer experience and buying journey to your user’s expectations.

As the leading chief digital officer executive search firm, we highly recommend top companies constantly test new strategies and methods. The more data you have, the better opportunity to create a robust customer experience. Utilizing tools like live streaming is just one area that may provide additional insights. Make sure you have the right marketing talent to innovate and continue to optimize the customer journey.

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