Digital Executive Recruitment Shares The Key To Innovation

Digital Executive Recruitment

As the leading digital executive recruitment firm, we see innovation as an essential part of every organization. It increases your ability to react and adapt to changes quickly. According to Deloitte, only 12% of the Fortune 500 companies from 1955 are still in business and half of the S&P 500 companies will be replaced in the next ten years. These companies’ failures are said to be partly due to the lack of innovation and the ability to meet their audiences’ needs. As a result, executive leaders have placed a strong focus on innovation across the board, especially within their marketing team.

Our chief digital officer recruiters have observed many marketing teams force innovation in an attempt to optimize results. It’s much bigger than this. You cannot set a time period and expect to leave the meeting and magically transform the company into an innovative enterprise.

The reality is, innovation usually occurs in the most unsuspecting areas. It all starts with the right approach. Here’s how top-performing leaders are building strong innovative teams.

One Common Mindset Chief Digital Officer Recruiters See In Innovative Marketing Leaders:

When you think about the word “innovation”, what do you see? How do you get there? According to Forbes, “many leaders think innovation is about improving/adding products and services.” While this is one way to implement innovation into your organization, you are only scratching the surface.

Teresa Barreira, CMO of Publicis Sapient, a transformational leader who has been leading a series of innovations has a different view and approach. She believes innovation is similar to creativity. You first need to have a solid foundation to foster any kind of inspiration or vision.

That foundation is your team. Pay close attention to who you are hiring. Each candidate can offer a wide range of experiences and expertise. Too many team members with the same mindset, way of thinking, or background on the other hand will not optimize your innovation goals. The leading digital executive recruitment team, suggests you make sure you have a non-traditional marketing team across every dimension. The different viewpoints, skills, and knowledge are what will help you enable innovative ideas. What other career backgrounds can the candidate have? Will a candidate from another industry be a good fit?

Your work culture and environment play an important role in building an innovative atmosphere as well. When you hire bright and passionate people, you create a culture ready to blossom with new ideas. To make sure you continue this flow, you need to foster experimentation and curiosity by allowing your employees to be able to test and learn from different strategies and methods. Not only are you now creating a more flexible culture, but your team is also naturally producing innovative ideas regularly.


Your brand is heavily dependent on your marketing team. Without them, you cannot drive greater results. You want to make sure innovation is embedded into your team’s DNA. The ideas and creativity will flow effortlessly after that.

If you are having trouble finding the right talent. Ask yourself these questions. What is your recruitment strategy? How are you finding top talent? Have you considered what kind of candidate would be a good cultural fit? With marketing moving at the speed of light, there is no room to hire and rehire months later. The best solution is to entrust a digital executive recruitment firm from the start and mitigate the risk altogether.

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