3 Key Items Digital Marketing Recruiters See Leaders Add To Their Marketing Budget

Digital marketing recruiters

Every great marketing leader understands having a well-thought-out marketing budget is crucial to ensuring your team’s success. They need to have the necessary resources to execute the best marketing strategy. To accomplish this, digital marketing recruiters suggest you take the increase in digitalization into consideration and plan accordingly.

Some of the main focuses for many organizations are eCommerce, customer experience, and new technology. Fortunately, meeting the needs and expectations of an increasingly digital world is not as difficult as you would think.

Your first primary focus should be on talent. As digital marketing recruiters, we see too many marketers take on new responsibilities that may cause them to be spread too thin. Without a great team, your marketing efforts will still fall short even with a great marketing budget plan.

If you feel like you have a great team on board, the next step is to consider what kind of resources you will need. All your decisions should be benchmarked against your organization’s goals, not how popular they are on the market. Here are 3 must-have items chief digital officer executive search firms are seeing marketing leaders add to their marketing budget.

3 Must-Have Items Chief Digital Officer Executive Search Firm Are Seeing Leaders Add To Their Budget:

Listening tools

For years, digital marketing recruiters have seen marketing professionals rely on third-party data to better understand their audience. However, today, more and more consumers are demanding better privacy regulations. As a result, top companies have learned to adapt and carry out better marketing strategies to communicate with their customers. A method most commonly referred to as zero-party data.

Zero-party data is data provided by consumers. Not only do you have a better direction on what the consumer wants, but you can build trust and transparency at the same time. All you need to do is be open to new ideas and listen to what consumers want and expect.

This is where great listening tools come in handy. It allows you to track what your consumers are saying, analyze the response, and respond to the target audience effectively and efficiently. Companies that can respond to consumer’s questions, concerns, or reviews have a higher chance of gaining their customers’ loyalty.


Videos have always been a marketing strategy to spread brand awareness. However, today, videos are considered one of the most powerful communication tools in marketing. It helps maintain a human connection with your audience and can paint a better picture of your brand and values. By finding new creative ways to leverage videos across your strategy, you can enhance your brand awareness while tapping into a more personal relationship with your target market.

As the leading chief digital officer executive search firm, the most popular trend MarketPro sees companies adopt is volumetric videos. It gives you the ability to record in 3D and capture the object, depth, and space in real-time. In return, your users get a better customer experience which will increase your conversion rates.


The best way to be able to communicate effectively with your customers is to have diverse backgrounds on your marketing team. As digital marketing recruiters, we have seen companies that have a diverse workforce be able to lead, represent, and communicate more effectively to the target market. This, in turn, helps them gain more consumer loyalty as well as increase their return on investment.

If you look at today’s market, consumers are no longer categorized into separate generations. According to Brian Solis, a digital analyst focused on disruptive technology, “this “new and unusual” customer segment is not defined by traditional demographics and is instead cross-generational, bound by similar digital behaviors, evolving preferences, and expectations, and desired experiences and outcomes.” They are called Generation-N.

This new generation demands more purpose-led brands and better customer experiences. Most importantly, they want brands to connect to their values and identify with them. To do this, your marketing team must be able to truly understand who your customers are. Therefore, by investing in tools that will help you add diversity to your company and marketing team, you will gain a better understanding of your customers.

At the end of the day, your marketing budget needs to be focused on your past challenges and future goals. Many methods can be used to increase productivity and revenue. However, finding the right balance first begins with having the right team. Therefore, before making any decisions, the leading chief digital officer executive search firm recommends you make sure you are equipped with the essential marketing skills to transform your weakness into great opportunities and major wins.

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