Are You Leading With Fear Or Investing To Grow By Hiring via Online Interviews

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As reports of COVID-19 continue to consume attention, too many organizations are making decisions based on fear. MarketPro has shed some light on the Coronavirus outbreak approach for all the businesses looking to make a comeback. The key argument taken from the article is that in order to recover quickly as we get back to the new normal, strong companies are investing in top marketing talent via online interviews and continuing to move forward with hiring.

This current economic downturn is very different from what we experienced in 2001 or 2008. What remains true is that the companies who are able to recover the quickest and take market share from their competitors are the ones who continue to communicate with current and future customers by investing in marketing. A big mistake we are seeing companies of all sizes make is shutting down all messaging that does not relate to COVID-19. Consumers are already getting too much information on this subject. Organizations need to be messaging and communicating with customers as normal, if not more than usual.

Essentially, the action you take now will determine your growth in the second half of the year and all of 2021. Cutting costs is easy, however, making strategic decisions for the long-term health of your organization is more challenging. Those willing to be brave will take market share while maintaining and growing their brand awareness and demand generation pipelines. This is an opportunity to strengthen the organization’s position in the marketplace for the long-run. The end goal is to hire great marketers that will enable your organization’s growth.

It is also wise to note candidates are being more selective when it comes to future employers. They want to know that they will not end up last in and first out if the recovery drags on. Candidates want to see the potential growth and stability in a company before they become part of the team. If your company is unsure of what to do during these difficult times, you are sending a message to the candidate about their future work environment.

Therefore, the firm’s team must be trained and ready to conduct the most effective virtual interview. MarketPro, the leading marketing executive search firm has included online interview tips for any company willing to invest in their future.

Strategic Online Interview Tips For Future Growth:

By now, most organizations are using video-conferencing platforms to conduct their hiring process. Essentially, companies are becoming more open to the idea of completing the hiring and onboarding process virtually. While organizations should not eliminate the best hiring practices due to the change in location, there needs to be an awareness of the differences between online and face to face interviews. Online interviews must be organized in such a way to support all parties. Not only are you interviewing a candidate for their skills and value to the team, but companies need to remember candidates are also interviewing the company. Therefore, these online interview tips will both benefit the company and the candidates as a whole.

Online Interview Platform

This is the foundation of all interviews with the candidates. There are many systems to use when conducting online interviews, but the method a company selects should be easy and effective for video conferencing.

Some of the best video conferencing tools are:

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • BlueJeans
  • GoToMeeting
  • Webex Meetings

Regardless of the platform in which you want to perform interviews, accessibility, and functionality reflect the opinions a candidate has about the organization.

Cultural Fit

When companies open the interview process to become virtual, it gives employers more time to carefully evaluate candidates. All organizations want to hire the best candidate to grow their business. By culturally assessing individuals, this sets up the framework to find and hire candidates that are more enthusiastic and are committed to the company in the long-run.

Each method should be customized depending on the seniority of the position. Essentially, all of the assessments should help companies get a clear picture of who the candidates are and how they communicate their skillsets. Common tests like the Myers-Briggs and Wonderlic test evaluates the cognitive, motivation, and personality of an individual. These tests define the motivational and behavioral manner a candidate will bring to the table while working with the team.

Apart from the assessments, there is no better way to get to know an individual than merely interacting with them. Interviews that are 1:1 is the most ideal scenario since the majority of the candidates will be more inclined to share their personalities. However, if the organization prefers to shorten the number of scheduled meetings, it is recommended to have no more than two interviewers. These virtual conferences will give the candidate a greater understanding of the team and see what their work environment is like.

Virtual Layout

One of the aspects candidates look forward to during an interview is the location and layout of the company they will potentially be working for. When you conduct an online interview, candidates will most likely not be able to factor the layout of the company into their decision making. While this aspect is a small matter, Forbes has taken the time to educate employers on how the office space affects the employees’ well-being.

According to the report, the rise of open floorplans for workers in the early 2000s has increased the retention rate. They also conducted research on different age groups, industries, and professions in order to better understand what businesses should do to inspire their workers. The employees who choose to leave businesses are searching for an atmosphere that will improve their well-being while spending hours at work every day. Ultimately, companies that choose to provide a simple virtual layout of the office space can attract more top talented candidates.

While we pray for those who are sick and hope for the market to recover quickly, companies should remain consistent with their marketing strategies while implementing and investing in top talent for future growth. It is imperative that the brand and communication with consumers are not lost in the midst of the epidemic. Partnering with experts in the marketing executive search industry, like MarketPro, will not only reduce the hiring stress but will help your company recover more quickly by placing only the top talent within your firm.

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