Cracking The Customer Experience Code To Executive Search

customer experience executive search

As marketing continues to evolve at a rapid rate, top companies are creating new roles to keep up. One of the biggest trends is that consumers are relying more on internet-based consumption to better match their fast-pace lifestyle. Which in turn, pushes most B2C organizations to heavily concentrate on who their customers are and how they obtain / maximize that person’s interest. From a marketing perspective, already established job positions do not completely fill the requirements needed to perform the task. Therefore, top companies are now creating a customer experience role that is crucial to the company’s reputation and longevity. All of which has pushed organizations to lead a customer experience executive search.

This opens a whole new role within B2C businesses. However, companies are having a hard time finding candidates that will excel in the new position. A candidate must have the ability to envision a strategic plan that will transform the experience for customers. Therefore, the candidate must have the right mix of both analytical skills to go along with an understanding of how to best use that data to make an impact.

MarketPro, a leader in CX executive search, has seen inconsistencies with what clients are looking for in this role, how they are defining success and what they think the background of the ideal candidate looks like. The fact is the background can vary from company to company. Overall, the majority of companies need someone who has deep technical expertise, the ability to think creatively and the executive presence to work cross-functionally to enable change inside of the organization. Challenge is it can be very hard to find all this in one person.

With the long list of credentials needed for this position, there are key components to ensure the success of this role:

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CX Executive Search Must Have Sensational Analyzing Abilities

Being able to diagnose the raw data from both sales and marketing teams is one of the most crucial responsibilities of the role. It is ultimately the fuel to understanding and creating the best customer experience. The goals are to increase engagement and loyalty, the retention of their existing customers as well as making the journey as seamless as possible for their new customers.

Most of the time, you will need the mindset of a market researcher to best fit the analytical aspect of the position. The strong attention to detail, statistical patterns, and interest in the psychological behavior of a consumer makes it a lot easier for them to map an accurate plan based on the data.

According to Gartner, there are steps you need to consider within the first 100 days as a Director of CX. Assess and plan is two heavily weighted components within 100 days. When you assess, you start to propose your KPIs. The assess step is recommended to be completed within 0-30 days. Day 15 to 45 is when you plan. This makes sure you have an effective strategy and will start your new role off well.

Proven Candidates In A Customer Experience Executive Search Have Strategic Minds

As a Director of Customer Experience, it is imperative that the individual is a visionary. Merely understanding where the company is at with the data provided is not enough. CX leaders are required to possess a holistic view of the buyer’s journey. Each actionable touch point plays a role on where the customer’s mind is at. It is vital that a customer experience executive aligns their approach with every member on the marketing team.

Within the marketing department, the Customer Experience leader becomes that change agent across the department to make sure all messaging / storytelling aligns with the buyer’s journey. Therefore, the creation of a smooth and informational journey in which consumers are likely to convert begins with a 360 degree approach. Ultimately, the approach calls for the CX director to have the ability to put themselves in each type of customer’s shoes to give them the advantage on how to properly strategize a playbook.

Most Important Focus In A Customer Experience Executive Search Is Executive Presence / Change Management

To ensure a valuable customer experience it requires several different departments within the company. Employees from product, marketing, finance, and IT departments need to be brought together and pushed in the same direction to make real changes to the customer experience and buyers journey.

The key to developing a great cross-functional approach is to have the right leader who can influence without authority and be a champion internally for the customer. The right customer experience leader will be able to take responsibility for making the transition flow smoothly and be accountable for making change happen within the organization.

While, the executive search for the right fit can be difficult; having the right partner will make all the difference. MarketPro specializes in marketing executive search, which means, it won’t be the first time we have seen or successfully overcome your challenge.

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