How to Secure Top Marketing Talent in the Candidate’s Market

At MarketPro, we emphasize quality of talent and speed of finding A+ marketing executives to present to our customers with every marketing executive search we work on. Recently, we published a video about the importance of moving quickly when it comes to interviewing and making a decision on filling your open marketing roles as the demand for qualified marketing talent continues growing nationwide, while the pool of top talent continues shrinking due to rapid changes in marketing technology and skillsets required.

Watch It: Here Is How Fast You Should Be Hiring Marketing Executives

Securing Top Talent in the Candidates’ Market Is Not Simple

The next challenge of recruiting A+ marketing executives in the candidates’ market is the decreased sense of urgency in calling back marketing executive recruiters. It’s not that candidates are less interested; the reality is that top talent is not in a hurry. They know there will be multiple other opportunities available in near future.

It takes a few extra steps and a different recruitment strategy to secure top talent in the candidates’ market. Bob Van Rossum, President of MarketPro, shares how employers should approach the interview process to succeed in a highly competitive market.

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