How Marketing and HR Can Team Up and Become a Powerhouse for Talent Acquisition

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CMOs have successfully worked to build relationships with their C-suite peers and break down organizational silos in recent years. From IT to sales to finance, marketing plays a big role in every department’s success.

As recruiters that provide marketing recruitment services, we believe there’s an increasing need for marketing and HR to work together toward building a mutually beneficial relationship. A symbiotic relationship between the two enhances core processes and adds value to the entire organization.

Marketing and HR share similar objectives targeted toward different audiences. Marketing is accountable for the branding of the company and communicating it to consumers. HR is responsible for employment branding; ensuring the organization is perceived properly by internal employees and external candidates.

The lines between these two areas are becoming blurred as both marketing and HR share the responsibility of ensuring the employment brand is strong, and that employees are sending out the right brand message to their customers.

Both departments are incredibly valuable to any organization and in top, employers we are seeing increased collaboration to improve the employment brand, drive the culture and identify top talent.

Unleash the Power of the Marketing and HR Partnership

In today’s competitive space where driving engagement with both candidates and customers is vital, it’s important for marketing and HR executives to lead the charge toward a meaningful partnership.

Your employees are your biggest asset, and your company’s success depends on the ability to attract top talent. How are your leaders branding the organization as an attractive place of employment for top talent?

With successful collaboration, marketing and HR can work to enhance these key areas in the organization:

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

It’s in the entire organization’s best interest to have great employee retention and employee satisfaction. The more excited and invested employees are about a company, the better they’ll perform and the better it’s perceived as a great business and workplace.

HR is on the frontline of employee engagement and are thus in the best place to convey the culture and brand to every internal and external party of the organization. HR markets all day to employees, stakeholders, and potential employees to get them engaged and excited about the employment brand. To maximize the efforts, the CMO and CHRO must build a strategy where employee engagement is driven by both marketing and HR.

The processes both sides take to build out a brand that drives customer loyalty, and drive employee loyalty and engagement are noticeably similar. Engaging consumers is particularly a strength of marketing, and thus can support HR in creating engagement programs throughout the workplace.

Marketing can assist with putting the human back in HR, and help move HR beyond recruiting, benefits and compensation tasks to truly get it invested in employee engagement.

Brand Messaging

Recruiting talent is becoming increasingly similar to acquiring customers. Thus, building a cohesive brand message that resonates with consumers, employees, and candidates is critical.

Your company’s story is the foundation for a great employment brand, and your employees are often the best brand advocates of a company’s values and its missions. Through marketing’s collaboration with HR, the brand message can be shared effectively throughout the internal organization. Getting your employees aligned on the brand messaging furthermore supports marketing’s mission of sharing it with consumers.

Organizational Culture

The organizational culture and company values are the core components of every company’s brand. So, how do you align your employees and organization behind the company culture, and get everyone to rally behind it?

A true alignment between marketing and HR leaders on the culture and how it’s being communicated with employees internally is key. With marketing being a direct point-of-contact for consumers, it can support HR in promoting the values and mission of the company. This level of exposure can, in turn, attract the likes of potential employees.

Social Media

Social channels for modern recruitment marketing.

There’s no doubt that marketing is the best team to help HR adapt to social media. Just as marketers leverage social media to reach consumers and drive brand awareness, HR teams can utilize social channels for modern recruitment marketing. With the right strategy, social media can enhance HR’s efficiency in reaching and hiring talent.

Building and promoting an active social media presence can enhance communication of a brand internally and externally, and takes the likes of both marketers and HR to build a strong one. However, marketing and HR executives need to partner up on building the strategy for how both sides are leveraging social channels. While each job posting or company update can be unique and different, the overall messaging needs to be cohesive from both departments.

Not only can social media be leveraged to promote jobs, but it can also be used to promote the organizational culture, the brand and demonstrate why your company is a great place for employment.

Both teams can share personal experiences, stories, and accomplishments about the company on social media. This way, consumers and candidates get insight into your brand in an authentic way. In turn, organizations can additionally monitor how current and former employees feel about the organization. With this feedback, the teams can work to optimize its brand messaging and communication.


Marketing and HR can partner up to ensure the onboarding process of new hires is seamless and efficient.

HR specializes in creating onboarding programs and helping new employees transition into the company, and should be supporting all leaders with the process. Marketing can help to spread the messaging on why a great onboarding process is so important to get the right buy-in from key stakeholders and employees.


When CMOs and CHROs collaborate, they can both gain impact and visibility in the organization. While marketing and HR are indeed two separate departments, working in union ensures organizations draw in the best candidates and keep them. The partnership of these two business functions has a long-lasting effect in driving a company’s brand forward.

The help of experienced marketing executive recruiters is additionally valuable in finding top talent in today’s talent-driven market. What other ways do you find the partnership between marketing and HR valuable for businesses? We want to hear your thoughts below!

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