Why You Need a Head of Marketing Who Understands Volumetric Videos

Volumetric Videos In Marketing | Head Of Marketing Executive Search

Looking into the future of business development, new technology in marketing plays a vital role that is inevitable for companies to ignore. As the head of marketing executive search, we have seen these new applications give companies the ability to interpret different kinds of data to keep themselves competitive and relevant. However, how you implement these insights into the marketing strategy will determine how successful your brand will become. The reality is the online world is quickly developing and consumers are demanding better virtual interactions. Therefore, according to Forbes, volumetric videos are a new tool CMOs need in their toolkit.

Over the past few years, augmented reality shopping, virtual concerts, and gaming has redefined how companies will operate the business in the future. It is estimated that “the global volumetric video market will grow from USD 1.4 billion in 2020 to USD 5.8 billion by 2025.” While the current major industries fueling the growth of volumetric videos are filmmaking and gaming, other key players in the medical, advertising, and education industries are slowly picking up on the new technology in marketing. The ability to record in 3D and capture the object, depth, and space in real-time are giving users a better customer experience and have the potential to increase conversion rates. As the head of marketing executive search firm, we have determined how volumetric videos will transform the future of digital marketing and why CMOs need to be aware of this new technology in marketing. Here is how you can build a better brand reputation, improve visibility, and increase your return on investment with an efficient team.

How Technology In Marketing Is Helping CMOs Take Marketing To New Heights:

Consumer Retention

As consumers continue to rely on online shopping, brands will be expected to provide innovative experiences and convenience. Volumetric videos allow customers to do more than just scroll through products or watch a demonstration. They can visually see the specs of the product from all angles or feel present as you explain how your services work. The key benefit of this new ability is that consumers can actively take part in and interact with your brand.

If you take a look at Microsoft’s website, you will find that they have already dedicated a page to just mixed reality studio capabilities. Here is how you can bring life into your videos:

Video Source: microsoft.com

While this poses great opportunities for CMOs to take their brand to the next level, making sure you are equipped with the best marketing talent is the first step. According to the 3D animation community, the most common software loved by professionals is Autodesk Maya. Not only does your marketer need experience with these types of applications, but there are also 7 skills needed to become a successful animator.

7 Skills To Become An Animator:

  • Creativity
  • Team player
  • Attention to detail
  • Quick learner
  • Excellent memory
  • Organization
  • Able to overcome obstacles

Essentially, finding a candidate who possesses the skills and knowledge of a 3D animator is difficult. The challenge most companies will face is the lack of experience due to the newly developed technology in marketing. However, if you have extensive expertise in the marketing field and can draw passive candidates’ interest, finding the right candidate will be substantially easier.

Effective Marketing Team

As the head of marketing executive search, MarketPro has heard many concerns about the training process while marketers remain remote. Companies have been forced to shift to online conference calls or giving hundreds of pdf files to employees for their training sessions. More often than not, it has proven ineffective and time-consuming. However, with volumetric videos, CMOs can ensure each team member is offered the best training experience with hands-on opportunities. When you pair volumetric videos with virtual reality, employees can work in a 3D environment. You can set up the training area with the exact team members and tools they will be working with. To ensure your employees are even more prepared, volumetric videos can be live-streamed so that employees can follow experts in real-time. They are also able to review feedback after their performance. With the endless possibilities for training purposes, each marketer has the opportunity to grow and improve the overall brand image.

Overall, businesses need to consider the changes happening in today’s society. If you want to continue the growth of your brand, staying behind in technology is not going to be beneficial. Integrating volumetric videos into your business means you can improve training sessions, increase customer satisfaction, advance your marketing capabilities, and better communicate with your audience.

However, it is important to remember that the first step to achieving brand success is to invest in the best marketing professionals. Not all marketers will thrive in the same environment. You must understand the candidate’s cultural fit and work history to truly determine if they are the right fit for your company. Hiring the wrong talent not only delays the communication with consumers but will decrease the effectiveness of implementing new technologies and strategies. Therefore, to mitigate the risk of a bad hire, you should consider partnering with a specialized recruiting firm that has extensive experience in placing top marketers.

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