Unsatisfied with Your Previous Marketing Executive Searches?

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We Have a Better Way!

If you are tired of search firms full of grand promises and fancy reports but lacking in the talent delivery necessary to actually move your company forward, then it’s time to move on to a smarter way to source your marketing executive. Most executive search pricing models lead everyone involved away from a successful outcome. When your search firm gets paid regardless of results, they have no motivation to fill your search in a timely manner or with a quality hire. Instead, rely on our superior Performance-Based Executive Search. When it’s time to find your next marketing executive, choose the smarter alternative with MarketPro.

Why Executive Recruitment Models Fail

    [icon_list_line icon="icon-check"]Retained search firms that get their entire payment on a predefined schedule have no financial incentive to fill your position in a timely manner. These searches routinely take 9 months or more to complete—if they are even filled at all. You need your new hire fast, but they don’t feel the same sense of urgency you do. Why would they, based on the agreement that was signed?

  • [icon_list_line icon="icon-check"]Your search is too important and too senior for contingency search to be an option. Search firms that get paid on a contingent basis can’t commit the dedicated resources and services needed to ensure reliable service and quality candidates. And top candidates are too savvy to waste time speaking with contingency search firms that have no commitment from you.

The Power of Partnership

It works in your other professional agreements, and it works in executive search. When everyone’s invested in a successful outcome, they can trust each other and move forward with confidence. It’s that simple. That’s why MarketPro operates on a Performance-Based Search model that keeps us accountable for the result of the search.

A Search for Marketers, By Marketers

Our results-driven performance model isn’t all that sets us apart. MarketPro is the only executive search firm operated exclusively by marketers. That gives us a unique understanding of your marketing needs and the ability to identify and communicate with truly great marketing leaders in a way no one else can.