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The MarketPro Difference

I was so impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the team as you helped me land this incredible position at Carmike, it was natural that you would be my first call when I needed staff to supplement my marketing team. I was in a bit of a bind and gave your team an impossible task: find a qualified marketing project manager, located in a secondary market, for a defined length of time with no possibility for full-time employment…and find them immediately. The team at MarketPro delivered several candidates to choose from—and the person I selected was able to start within two weeks from my initial call, which allowed for a week of critical cross-training with a departing employee. It’s rare to find a team so qualified, responsive, and dependable. THANK YOU!-
Rob Collins, CMO at Carmike Cinemas

MarketPro is a nationwide marketing recruitment firm, matching high-performing marketers with companies of all sizes, who need their skills and experience to take their business to the next level. As a team comprised of former marketers, we have an insider’s perspective on the industry which our clients appreciate. Our diverse team of marketing veterans have combined experience that spans across 100 years, providing unmatched insights and talent time and again.

As a WBENC certified business, MarketPro recruits diverse marketing talent for all types of clients, in all industries. From marketing staffing to executive search, and RPO, we work with marketing talent needs of all types. No matter the size of your organization, we have marketing talent to fit your unique strategy needs. Whether you are looking for one marketer or ten, for a few months or full time, we have the highest quality talent in Houston.

Use Houston Marketing Recruiters to Overcome Shifting Business Challenges

Recruiters in Houston

As a top Houston marketing staffing firm, we have established a long history of delivering results and bringing a unique perspective to our clients. Our veteran marketing staffing recruiters exercise their expertise and experience to bring together an extensive network of highly qualified marketers. We search nationwide, finding the best talent to bring your business forward.

In an ever-changing marketing world, it only makes sense that your marketing workforce be able to change with it. Our Houston marketing staffing services enable you to flex up or down depending on your shifting production needs, and bring in special expertise for unique projects. No matter where they are or what they’re doing, MarketPro recruits the absolute best marketing talent for you in SEO, digital, and research.

Lead Your Organization to Success with a Houston Executive Search

Our marketing executive search services bring you talent for all kinds of disciplines. Whether your needs call for a lead digital marketer, experienced marketing researcher, or an expert in SEO, we can help with Houston marketing executive search. We know how to garner the attention of that talent in the Houston area in a way no one else can.

No one has a better understanding of the Houston marketing talent pool. And no one is better at attracting external talent and bringing it here–even when it’s already employed. With MarketPro, you’ll get a higher caliber marketer in a shorter time frame.

Get the Best Talent from Our Houston Marketing Headhunters

At MarketPro, we know that the ideal candidates for your business are rarely looking for work. They are usually thriving in their current roles, and also tired of answering calls from recruiters who really have no idea what they do. A good Houston marketing headhunter possesses the right blend of marketing expertise and natural tenacity.

The MarketPro team is able to engage with and vet talent at a level not possible by recruiters who lack hands-on experience, as it is made only of former marketers. Before you get to the candidate evaluation process, you have to get top talent to engage with you. When MarketPro reaches out, the talent knows we are marketing experts and won’t waste their time with a role that is not the right fit. Simply put; we can get to top talent when others can’t even get their call returned.

You will never find the best candidates by relying on incoming applications or searching online resumes. So when only a star player will do for your senior level marketing, e-commerce, creative or digital role, MarketPro is your best bet for bringing in the best of the best.

Our network, which has been built over our 20+ year history in business, of top tier talent in marketing, creative and digital fields makes us especially qualified for Houston marketing headhunting.

Other Ways to Strengthen Your Houston Marketing Recruitment

MarketPro’s experienced Houston recruiters will work closely with you to design a solution to fit your unique needs. With marketing staffing and RPO, you’ll have the flexibility and high scalability of an interim marketer. Whether you need contract to hire arrangements, an interim marketing executive or one or a dozen marketers, we’ll adjust to your needs!

Benefits and Challenges of Recruiting Top Marketers in Houston


Nicknamed, “the Space City”, Houston is the largest Southern city with strengths in business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, and  technology to name a few. In par to its diverse industry base, the city has a population of diverse ethnic backgrounds and a large and growing international community. Houston’s diversity is creating a whole new class of innovative candidates for local and international businesses. Digital, SEO, interactive, and research marketing have a strong presence in the Houston marketplace as well as an array of disciplines.

As a global city, Houston hosts the second most Fortune 500 companies in the country behind New York, making it the top city for employment creation. The city is also recognized  for its wide energy industry, specifically oil and natural gas. It is also the top U.S export market port bringing in over $100 billion just in that sector of its economy alone. The system for Houston’s Universities continuously generates new talent for the area’s numerous and prosperous industries, praising it as the best city for college graduates. Hosting such a diverse talent pool and a wide array of industries makes Houston an ideal city for businesses of all scales.

Despite its fruitful economy, many businesses are struggling to retain customers. The marketplace is so diverse and there are so many startups each year that engaging and retaining customers are a challenge. Avoid these risks and allow MarketPro to locate an expert digital, research, communication, online, SEO, or marketing strategist to bring your business forward through experienced marketing.