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The MarketPro Difference

It would be hard for me to recommend a vendor more highly. Working with MarketPro was an exceptional experience (I can count on one hand the number of times I have used similar wording for any vendor). The executive team was actively involved at every stage in the recruitment and selection process, from the moment I contacted them about a high-level, high-profile executive position within our organization. They kept every commitment, provided the best caliber of candidates I’ve seen in a long time (following our criteria to the letter) and demonstrated the exceptional value, as promised during the sales process. If ever I have need of external sourcing for an additional marketing executive, MarketPro is my first choice. I gladly endorse and recommend this firm. -Karen Hilton, Sr. Director Human Resources at TRX, a division of Concur

MarketPro is a nationwide marketing recruitment firm, matching high-performing marketers with companies of all sizes, who need their skills and experience to take their business to the next level. As a team comprised of former marketers, we have an insider’s perspective on the industry which our clients appreciate. Our diverse team of marketing veterans have combined experience that spans across 100 years, providing unmatched insights and talent time and again.

As a WBENC certified business, MarketPro recruits diverse marketing talent for all types of clients, in all industries. We believe in adding diversity and inclusion to add value to your business through different perspectives and an increase in creativity. From marketing staffing to executive search, to RPO, we work with marketing talent needs of all types. No matter the size of your organization, we have marketing talent to fit your unique strategy needs. Whether you are looking for one marketer or ten, for a few months or full time, we have the highest quality talent in Chicago.


Use Chicago Marketing Staffing to Overcome Shifting Business Challenges

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As a top Chicago marketing staffing firm, we have established a reputable history of delivering results and bringing a unique perspective to our clients. Our veteran marketing staffing recruiters have built an extensive network over two decades . We search nationwide, finding the best talent to bring your business forward.

In an ever-changing marketing world, it only makes sense that your marketing workforce be able to change with it. Our Chicago marketing staffing services were created with flexibility, enabling you to change your staffing needs as needed depending on your shifting production obligations. You can bring in special expertise at anytime for unique projects. No matter where they are or what they’re doing, MarketPro recruits the absolute best marketing talent for you.

Lead Your Organization to Success with a Chicago Executive Search

Our marketing executive search services bring you talent for various disciplines. Whether your needs call for a lead digital marketer, experienced marketing researcher, or an expert in SEO, we can help with Chicago marketing executive search. Our marketers-turned-recruiters know how to garner the attention of top talent in the Chicago area in a way no one else can.

No one has a better understanding of the Chicago marketing talent pool. And no one is better at attracting external talent and bringing it here–even when talent is already employed. We strive to deliver the best talent solutions for the perfect match in each job search. With MarketPro, you’ll get a higher caliber marketer in a shorter time frame.

Insource Your Own Chicago Marketing Agency

A New Breed of Digital Marketing Agency

Not satisfied with the results your agency partners are delivering for the cost? Ready to reclaim control of your marketing and brand message? Insource your own custom-designed Chicago digital or marketing agency through MP Modern!

We’ll assemble a complete team of bright, experienced professionals uniquely suited to fill your business needs to work in-house or remotely–whatever works best for you. We’ve got you covered, form strategies to social media experts, we have the best talent solutions to tackle whatever marketing challenges you’re facing. No more costly agency markup, lag times arguing with account service, or wasting time on work that’s not aligned specifically to your vision.

Other Ways to Empower Your Chicago Marketing Recruitment

MarketPro’s experienced Chicago recruiters will work closely with you to design a solution to fit your unique needs. With marketing staffing and RPO, you’ll have flexibility and high scalability. Whether you need an interim marketing executive or one or a dozen marketers, we’ll adjust to your needs!

Benefits and Challenges of Recruiting Top Marketers in Chicago

Chicago Marketing Recruiters

In a competitive Chicago business environment, strong marketing leadership is vital to your company’s longevity. Whether you need to add top marketing talent to your executive team or you are seeking content, SEO, digital, or interactive, or communications expertise for a specific initiative; MarketPro is the preferred Chicago marketing executive recruiter. Our team of experienced marketers finds you the best candidates to fit your specific needs in the shortest amount of time possible.

One of the most populated cities, as well as the wealthiest cities in the world, Chicago has been named the fourth most important business center in the world by MasterCard Worldwide Centers of Commerce. This economic powerhouse continues to thrive as it attracts 50 million tourists each year, nationally and internationally. The attractive marketplace is one of the many reasons why a number of businesses are looking to the city for new opportunities.  According to Forbes, Chicago’s startup scene is on fire.

Chicago’s combination of large business customers, federal research dollars, and a large hiring pool fed by the area’s universities, makes this city the site of a growing number of web startup companies like CareerBuilder, Orbitz, Groupon, and several others. This large market means that everything is up for grabs, hence the need of an aggressively efficient marketing executive search firm like MarketPro to fulfill your company’s needs.

With the stakes so high, you can’t afford to have the wrong marketing executive guiding your company. Put your marketing executive search in the hands of the only recruiters who really understand marketing. Our veteran recruiters will search nationwide for the best marketer in social, email, analytics, research, digital and SEO to bring your business forward.