Executive Candidates Walking Away from Job Offers with No Work-From-Home/Hybrid Flexibility

Executive working from home

Candidates wield the power in today’s hot job market, and they are overwhelmingly insisting on work-from-home and/or hybrid office flexibility. There is no way around it. As a leading executive search firm with daily access to industry trends, top talent and companies desperate to hire, we at MarketPro have a first-hand perspective of most schools of thought on the topic. What we’re seeing strongly indicates that roughly 80 percent of companies will end up with a hybrid workspace. The tech industry, in particular, has already reached 80 percent remote office actuality.

Why? Because most, if not all, executive-level candidates have experienced the benefits of working from home over the past two years. They know it works, and employers can no longer fall back on pre-pandemic arguments of lowered productivity. It simply didn’t happen. If anything, the opposite proved true.

The State of the Industry: Future of Work survey, conducted in March 2022 by AT&T and Dubber Corporation Limited, was created to gain insights from senior executives regarding current and future work models. The research shows hybrid work will become the standard operating model across industries by 2024.

  • Hybrid work the default by 2024, half of work performed offsite: 81% believe hybrid work will be the foremost working model by 2024, with 56% of work done offsite
  • Vast majority of businesses lack a detailed hybrid work strategy: 72% lack a detailed strategy and 76% don’t have the right key performance indicators (KPIs) to support hybrid working models
  • Tension between what employees want and what organizations prefer: 86% believe their employees prefer a hybrid work model but 64% believe their organization prefers an on-premise work model
  • 100% of respondents believe a hybrid work model will help attract young talent

Across the country—and the world—priorities have shifted. Work/life balance is not only important, it’s a deal breaker. And, deals are being broken on a wide scale. Unless you’re prepared to hand over the best talent to your competitors, in terms of recruitment and retention, it’s time to take a hard look at your work-from-home and hybrid office policies, and step into the realities of this brave new world.

Bob Van Rossum, CEO of MarketPro, goes into further detail in this video. Take a look and, if you’d like to learn more about how MarketPro can help your company navigate the new waters of recruitment, CALL NOW: 1-404-978-1000. Our track record speaks for itself.