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The top companies in the California Bay Area partner with the top Silicon Valley marketing executive search firm that brings highly-skilled marketers into the ring of recruitment to locate innovative marketing executives from the A-player tier that you need to lead your organization to new heights of success.

A Personalized Silicon Valley Marketing Executive Search Experience

A Superior Talent and Culture Fit: In a continuously evolving marketing world that is so competitive in the Silicon Valley, it is invaluable to have insight on the best executive talent available that matches your company’s specific needs. Our team of seasoned marketers-turned-recruiters at MarketPro recognizes what makes the most professionally qualified senior marketing leadership vital to a company’s success. The insight we bring as former marketers to our clients in the Silicon Valley and its surrounding areas, including San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, stimulates our industry leading stick rate of 98%. In our performance, we provide a mutual trust between what you seek in the hiring process and the candidates that may be the right fit for your company in terms of skillset, leadership capability, and culture fit.

Accurate Placements Performed Quickly: By joining with the top Silicon Valley marketing executive search firm, MarketPro, your company is put in a better position through a marketing team that recruits executives that will effectively tackle the fast-paced business environment of the area. We deliver the leadership you need in a timely manner appropriate for the rapid pace of Silicon Valley businesses. Our marketing executive search time-to-fill remains less than half of the industry’s leading averages; allowing you to stay on the cutting edge without compromising on the leader you want.

Finding the Best Fit for the Best Companies:  Top tier Silicon Valley marketing executives are typically already employed (perhaps even by one of your competitors), leaving them too busy to freely come across your incredible opportunities. MarketPro delegates our persistent Silicon Valley marketing executive recruiters who are also marketers themselves to find and engage these passive candidates that may be hard to reach, and then bring them to you.

MarketPro’s Silicon Valley Marketing Executive Talent Search

Within the Silicon Valley market, we bring a unique perspective to our clients. MarketPro’s Silicon Valley marketing executive recruiters examine the most talented candidates in the field with exclusive insight due to our extensive knowledge provided by our experience as marketers ourselves.

We exemplify the leadership it takes to be successful in marketing businesses of all types, in all industries. After decades of gaining and sharpening our marketing skills in a multitude of fields, no one has been able to match our all-encompassing view of the marketing world. Our rich experience in marketing allows us access to the rare individuals with the talents needed for clients.

Silicon Valley marketing executives respect our awareness of the skills needed to become a successful executive, which allows us to effectively engage with the most accomplished talent in California and the rest of the country. We then bring them right to you, even if they are not currently looking for new career opportunities. Recruiting the absolute best Silicon Valley marketing executive talent for you is MarketPro’s mission.

A Payment Model and Partnership That Benefit You

As a retained Silicon Valley marketing executive search firm, we employ a mutually beneficial arrangement with our clients that enables us to maximize solutions to your marketing leadership needs, laying a foundation for your company’s long-term success.

Traditional marketing executive search payment models don’t create a relationship that leads to consistently hiring the best marketing executives. So we took the initiative in creating a performance-based model, which allows everyone involved to fully commit to the Silicon Valley searches with great results.

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Scouting Out the Top Silicon Valley Marketing Leaders

Silicon Valley Marketing Executive search

Silicon Valley is home to many of the world’s largest high-tech corporations and thousands of innovative and disruptive startup companies thanks to the wide availability of venture capital. It is the largest high-tech manufacturing and research center in the U.S. and the global leader in tech innovation. This area has influenced many other sectors all over the world with its growth in research and technology; a quarter million of information techs are employed just in this region. This area has the most high-tech workers of any other area, but finding the right marketing talent to make the most of all this genius and innovation remains a perpetual challenge for locally based companies.

Area colleges such as Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, California State University, etc. drive out thousands upon thousands of engineering and computer science students into the economy each year. This city is so nutrient rich for business that over 30 other major companies like Apple Inc., Alphabet Inc., Kaiser-Permanente, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Adobe, Google, Netflix, and so many others either decided to plant their headquarters here or established major facilities.  The competition for top marketing executives here is high, and you’ll have to be ready to go to war for the difference making marketing leadership that can keep you ahead of the pack.

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In need of other forms of marketing expertise? MarketPro is also proud to be an exceptional Silicon Valley marketing recruiting firm. MarketPro’s unique understanding of the Valley’s setting with so many competing cutting-edge companies enables us to find top marketing talent at all levels for our clients across the country to best fit our client’s needs just as unique as their companies.