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High-powered businesses based in the northwest partner with an experienced, reputable Seattle marketing executive search firm to bring in innovative marketing executives. Find the leadership you need to bring your organization to the new heights of success.

A Successful Seattle Marketing Executive Search Experience

A Personalized Answer to Your Unique Marketing Challenges: When the marketing world is in constant flux, Seattle businesses need a strategic marketing executive search firm like MarketPro that has insight on the best executive talent available. We specialize in finding the perfect fit that your company needs today. Our team of marketers-turned-recruiters identifies what makes the most qualified senior marketing leaders a valuable addition to your team, and thoroughly vets them on culture fit for your organization. Our unique insight brings you first class marketing executive candidates from the Seattle area and around the country, and that’s what creates our unequaled stick rate of 98%.

Results at an Urgent Pace: In working with MarketPro, the top Seattle marketing executive search firm, your company can keep up the pace with the disruptors and innovators in your market. We can also promptly deliver the leadership you need in a timely manner due to our marketing experience. Our Seattle marketing executive search time in filling these roles remains less than half of the industry’s average; so you can keep up with fast-moving competition without sacrificing quality.

Hunting Down the Best Executive Talent: The best marketing executives are generally already employed (maybe by your competitor), leaving them far too busy to encounter your job opportunity organically. MarketPro drives our marketers who have become well-trained and persistent Seattle marketing executive recruiters to find and secure the passive candidates that may be hard to reach, ultimately bringing them to your doorstep.

MarketPro’s Seattle Marketing Executive Talent Search

With over 100 years of marketing experience in a variety of disciplines within MarketPro, we’re experts across the spectrum. This advantage provides a healthy perspective for Seattle-based clients, helping them grow on a local and global scale. MarketPro’s Seattle marketing executive recruiters examine the most talented executive candidates in the field with exclusive insight due to our expertise as marketers ourselves.

We exemplify the leadership it takes to be successful in marketing businesses of all types. After decades of acquiring and practicing our marketing abilities in an array of marketing fields, no one has been able to match our all-encompassing view of the marketing world and the talent required to thrive in it. Our unmatched experience in marketing allows us access to the rare individuals with the talents needed for our clients.

Seattle marketing executives appreciate our awareness of the skills needed to become a successful marketing executive, which allows us to effectively engage with the most accomplished talent. We can even build a connection with those that are not currently looking for new career opportunities. Recruiting the absolute best Seattle marketing executive talent for you is MarketPro’s number one mission.

A Payment Model and Partnership That Works to Your Benefit

As a retained Seattle marketing executive search firm, we have established a mutually beneficial agreement that enables us to maximize solutions to your marketing leadership needs.

The traditional marketing executive search payment systems over the years have tended to fall short in establishing a relationship that would lead to hiring the best candidates in the field. In the framework of creating a performance-based model, we’ve tackled those issues, allowing everyone involved to fully commit to the marketing executive searches with great results.

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Scouting Out the Top Marketing Leaders in Seattle


Initially a logging industrial city, Seattle has evolved into one of the fastest growing cities in the country as one of its largest ports and technological centers. This city serves as a major gateway for trade with Alaska as well as for Asia through the Port of Seattle and its international airport, Seattle-Tacoma International. This city is all about the green; green technology that is. With a strong economy to back up its green building and clean technologies, the city is home to both established and startup businesses with the potential to grow–if they have the right marketing leadership.

Seattle has also been ranked as the number one city in America as a “smarter city”. Very large companies including several Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here, like Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom and others. The city is famous for its quality coffee production and consumption, inspiring a lot of cafes to spring up in the city and for ambitious chains to share a taste of Seattle with the world. Forbes has ranked Seattle in the top 10 cities for business and careers as well as business expansion. Businesses in Seattle stay on top of their market demands by having innovative marketing leaders that stay ahead of the curve and serve them well, and MarketPro can continue to do the same for you.

Need More Than Marketing Leadership? Try Our Seattle Marketing Staffing Services

In need of other forms of marketing expertise? MarketPro is also proud to be an excellent Seattle marketing recruiters. MarketPro’s unique understanding of Seattle’s distinct setting along with its strengths as well as its challenges enables us to find the top marketing talent needed at all levels for our clients across your location.