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A partnership with a leading Portland marketing executive search firm that is executed by former marketers will bring innovative marketing executives that you need to lead your organization, paving the way to growth and enabling you to reach new levels of success.

A Personalized Portland Marketing Executive Search Experience

Unmatched Leadership for Your Marketing: In a continually evolving business environment, the winning strategy is to have insight on the best marketing talent available that fulfills your company’s specific needs while successfully fitting the culture for efficiency. Our first-rate team of marketers converted to recruiters recognizes what makes the most qualified senior marketing leaders a vital asset to your company’s success. The insight we bring to our clients in the Pacific Northwest and around the country strengthens our long-term retention rate of 98%.

Finding the Best, for the Best: The best executive marketers are often already employed (most likely, by a competitor), leaving them too busy to come across what you have to offer them on their own. MarketPro targets our determined Portland marketing executive recruiters to find and engage these passive candidates that may not have been originally available, bringing them to you.

Precisely Targeted Results Brought Quickly: In working with MarketPro, the top Portland marketing executive search firm, your company is better positioned to handle the fast-paced demands of your business. We can also deliver the leadership you need in a timely manner because we know how to find and attract top talent more efficiently than anyone else. We maintain one of the lowest Portland marketing executive search times in the field by remaining less than half of what the industry tends to average; keeping you ahead of your competition without sacrificing quality.

MarketPro’s Portland Marketing Executive Talent Search

We bring a unique perspective on the talent pools of the Pacific Northwest and beyond that empowers our clients in the region to grow and get ahead. MarketPro’s Portland marketing executive recruiters examine the most talented candidates in the field with exclusive insight due to our expertise as marketers ourselves.

We appreciate the honed mindset and endless hard work it takes to be successful in marketing businesses of all types, in all industries. After decades of gaining and exercising our marketing skills in an array of marketing fields, no one has been able to match our inclusive understanding of today’s marketing world. Our unmatched experience in marketing allows us access to the rare individuals that meet our clients’ high standards. We then vet them on the qualities for both culture fit and skillset for each unique company’s situation.

Portland marketing executives respect our understanding and appreciation of modern marketing, which allows us to effectively engage with the most accomplished talent. We then bring them right to your doorstep, selling your open job as a tremendous career opportunity. We can even strike interest in those that currently are not looking for career opportunities themselves. Recruiting the absolute best Portland marketing executive talent in the market for you is MarketPro’s sole mission.

A Payment Model and Partnership That Benefits YOU

As a retained Portland marketing executive search firm we have established a mutually beneficial agreement for our clients that enables us to maximize solutions to your marketing leadership needs.

Traditional marketing executive search payment systems fail to create a successful relationship that leads to hiring the best marketing executive talent. So we took the initiative in creating a performance-based model, which allows everyone involved to fully commit to the search for the best long-term results.

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Scouting Out the Top Marketing Executives in Portland

Portland Marketing Executive Search Firm

The City of Roses is one of America’s top 10 cities to live in, largely thanks to its extensive environmental programs. Portland is frequently recognized as one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the world because of its high walk-ability, large community of bicyclists, farm-to-table dining, expansive network of public transportation options, and 10,000+ acres of public parks. It was also listed as one of the top 10 places to retire, making it a viable destination for marketing executives of all ages and giving businesses the challenge of sifting through a sizable talent pool to find the A-players.

The metro area has become an athletic and footwear manufacturing center for companies like Nike, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear and several others. It’s also a major agricultural player; Portland’s access to the Pacific Ocean developed its port to become the second largest shipper of wheat in the world. Technology is a major contributor to the area’s economy, leading to the city’s second nickname as the “Silicon Forest.” The steel industry also thrives here, exporting staggering amounts of material to Asia. Between the fresh air and booming industries, Portland is truly one of America’s greatest places to work and live; but selling opportunities to top marketing executive candidates elsewhere is often not so simple.

Need More Than Marketing Leadership? Try Our Portland Marketing Staffing Services

In need of our other forms of marketing expertise? MarketPro is also a flexible and well-practiced Portland marketing staffing firm. MarketPro’s unique understanding of marketing and the area’s distinct talent pool enables us to find top marketing professionals at all levels for our clients across the northwest.