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The top companies of the Pittsburgh area partner with the top Pittsburgh marketing executive search firm, MarketPro, to bring in the cutting-edge marketing executives needed to lead their organization in a direction of extensive growth.

An Enhanced Pittsburgh Marketing Executive Search Experience

Unmatched Results at the Speed You Need: In the frantic and hectic business environment of Pittsburgh, it’s immensely beneficial to work with a marketing executive search firm that can bring you the leadership you need—fast. Our marketing executive search time is less than half of what our competitors’ are averaging, helping you keep ahead of the competition. In our commitment as an executive search firm we ensure our clients get quality talent as quickly as possible.

Selecting the Best Talent through Our Research: MarketPro’s excellent team of Pittsburgh marketing executive recruiters research shows that the best executive marketing talent simply wouldn’t need to be looking for work; they’ll already be hired. So we go out and find them for you. Our relentless recruiters know how to find and engage the top professionals who fit our clients’ specific needs, not just those who are easily available.

We Find the Best to Fit Your Unique Needs: In the rapidly developing and competitive marketing world, especially in the Steel City, it’s essential to have insight on the best talent available. We at MarketPro recognize what makes senior marketing leadership an important quality to any business on all levels. We also filter through the best marketers, suiting them to fit the culture of your company. The experience we bring to our clients across the country and in the Pittsburgh area is what drives our 98% stick rate, the highest in the industry. Ultimately we provide the confidence you seek in hiring the right person the first time with great results.

MarketPro’s Dynamic Marketing Executive Talent Presence in Pittsburgh

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As a top marketing executive search firm in the Pittsburgh and the Ohio Valley market, we bring an exclusive outlook to our clients and to the area’s businesses, locally and internationally. MarketPro’s investigation of the most talented candidates in the field sharpens the roles the marketers will fill for our clients. We are uniquely qualified for this search due to our extensive history marketers ourselves, with over a hundred years in an array of fields in the marketing world.

We specifically understand the leadership it takes to make successful strides in marketing for businesses of all types, in all industries. This level of unmatched personal experience in marketing empowers us to find the rare individuals with this talent and evaluate them on qualifications for both culture fit and skillset.

MarketPro constantly strives to recruit the absolute best executive marketing talent for you. Our team appreciates the experienced and intimate mindset of a marketing executive in the marketing world. And we also know what messages are most effective in engaging the best-performing talent in Pennsylvania and across the country, even when they’re not currently looking for career opportunities themselves.

A Beneficial Partnership Enhanced by a Performance-Based Payment Model

Our choice to operate a performance-based system creates a mutually beneficial partnership that allows us to work together with you, building confidence in securing marketing leadership that best fits your company in a timely fashion. As a retained firm, recruiting under this model helps to ensure your company’s long-term success even further.

A traditional payment systems used by other executive search firms, whether a retained or contingent firm, fails to create a relationship that leads to hiring the best talent available. So we considered what would be best for our clients and created a performance-based model instead, uplifting our success rates.

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The Marketing Experience in the City of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is famous for many things, right down to its infrastructure, hailing another name as “the City of Bridges.” It is traditionally known as a major contributor to the steel producing world with over 300 companies in the industry calling the city home, which opened the door for other resource-rich industries to develop. Pittsburgh is the beginning point for the Ohio River as this is where the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers merge together, creating waterways great for transport, hence the need of over 400 bridges in just this city. It has also been named on the list of the top 15 most livable cities in the world.

Major corporations have begun and flourished here over the city’s storied existence ranking it alongside the likes of New York and Chicago in areas of Finance with the most U.S. stockholders per capita and in corporate headquarters employment throughout history. Today, more than 1,500 technology firms influence Pittsburgh’s economy with big names including, Google, Apple, Disney, IBM, Intel, and many others. The market for recruiting the best marketers has become a fertile one as there are almost 70 different colleges and universities in the area, with some leading in research and development. This city is also home to 8 Fortune 500 companies and 6 of the top U.S law firms and many other corporations. This melting pot of business drivers constantly enriches Pittsburgh’s economic value elevating this city to be recognized as the 6th best area for U.S job growth.

Need More Than Leadership? Try Our Pittsburgh Marketing Staffing Services

Seeking for more marketing talent in other areas of your business? MarketPro is also proud to be a proficient Pittsburgh marketing recruiting firm that locates great marketers on all levels for our clients. MarketPro holds a unique understanding of Pittsburgh’s growing industrial setting, which enables us to find top marketing talent across the country.