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Engage in a partnership with an experienced Louisville marketing executive search firm to bring in the seasoned marketing executives needed to lead your business, big or small, to a higher level of success.

A Greater Louisville Marketing Executive Search Experience

Seeking Out Top Marketing Talent: The best executive marketing talent isn’t usually looking for work, which leaves them either being too busy or already employed elsewhere. already employed (often by a competitor) or too busy to encounter your opportunity organically. Our relentless Louisville marketing recruiters know how to find and engage these hard-to reach passive candidates and bring them to you.

Great results with Speed: Louisville is city where businesses need to tackle its market with great efficiency Therefore it’s more beneficial to work with a marketing executive search firm that can bring you the leadership you need ASAP. Our marketing executive search time is less than half of what you’re probably used to, so you can be ahead of the competition. As an executive search firm that’s committed to results, we ensure our clients get the best talent as quickly as possible.

We Find the Best that Fits Your Business Best: In a quickly evolving and competitive marketing world, especially in Louisville’s market, it’s important to have insight into that world to find the best available. We at MarketPro recognize that need and the most professionally qualified senior marketing leaders to fulfill those needs. We also fit them to suit the culture of your company. The insight we bring to our clients across the country and in the Louisville area is what drives our industry-leading 98% stick rate, providing you the confidence you seek in hiring the right person the first time.

MarketPro’s Marketing Executive Talent Presence in Louisville

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In establishing a strong presence in the Louisville market, we consistently bring a unique perspective to our clients and contribute to the area’s businesses, locally and internationally. MarketPro’s exclusive insight due to our expertise as marketers ourselves enhances our tactics in properly investigating the most talented candidates in the field for our clients.

In understanding the leadership that it takes to be a successful marketer in business of all types, in all industries, MarketPro sifts through Louisville and its surrounding areas for top talent. After decades of gaining and sharpening marketing experience in an array of marketing fields, no one can match our extensive, intimate view of the marketing world. This level of unmatched experience in marketing enables our successful searches in finding the marketers that fit your company’s needs. We understand the importance of incorporating within our searches an element of compatibility with potential marketers to fit the culture of your company.

MarketPro appreciates the experienced thought-leader mindset of a marketing executive. And we also know what messages are most effective in engaging the best-performing talent in Kentucky and across the country to bring the best marketers to you. Our Louisville marketing executive recruiters seek talent even when they’re not currently looking for career opportunities themselves. Regardless of where they are, MarketPro recruits the absolute best executive marketing talent for you.

A Partnership and Payment Model That Benefits Your Business

We don’t succeed unless you do. As a retained Louisville executive firm we have designed a mutually beneficial agreement for our clients that enables us to provide timely solutions to your company’s marketing leadership needs.

Our performance-based system creates a mutually beneficial partnership that allows us to work together with confidence and ensure that you get a quality fit as quickly as possible. The retained and contingent search models most search firms operate under do nothing to align you as the client with a successful outcome. Our system allows everyone involved to fully commit to the search with confidence.

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The Benefits and Challenges of Recruiting Top Marketers in Louisville

Louisville doubles as the home to several Fortune 500 companies and the infamous Kentucky Derby. It is also the largest city in Kentucky. Sitting just below the Ohio River and southeast of the Falls of Ohio, the scenic city provides great opportunities for businesses of all sizes to succeed.

Its prime location in the near center of the continental U.S. makes Louisville a city built for a business owner’s dream as most cities are reachable within a day’s time. There is no wonder that the economy of the area was established and still is supported by shipping and cargo industries. UPS embraces Louisville’s main airport as a World port global air-freight hub, ranking this city as one of the top ten largest inland ports in the U.S.

Louisville is also a budding health industry contender with a strong background in the American whiskey industry as well. In such a rich environment marketers from all over the country gravitate to Louisville as its growth is exponential and taking notice in the business and marketing worlds.

Need More for Your Company? Try Our Louisville Marketing Staffing Services

In need of other roles filled in your company regarding marketing expertise? MarketPro is also proud to be a first-rate Louisville marketing staffing firm who provides companies contract marketers for their specific needs. MarketPro connects you with our network of experienced, proven marketers and help you find someone who fits your unique situation.