Years of Success in Filling a Variety of Marketing Talent Needs for a Global 2000 Corporation

The Situation

For many years, MarketPro has played a key, ongoing marketing recruiter role for the marketing organization of a Global 2000 company. The company’s North American headquarters maintains an in-house marketing, advertising and communications division, responsible for all related activities for the company’s B2B and B2C business lines, products and services. Marketing talent needs within this bustling organization are ongoing and diverse, charging MarketPro with a variety of recruiting assignments each year. Over time, MarketPro has recruited and placed professionals in manager-level to interim chief marketing officer (iCMO) jobs, contract jobs and direct-hire positions, and numerous positions and staffing options in between.

The Challenges — Expansive, Specialized Needs

If not for its relationship with marketing recruiter MarketPro, the company would face a number of challenges in maintaining a full-capacity marketing organization:

  1. For this company, the need for prior industry experience narrows the talent pool when jobs or projects arise.
  2. The comprehensive nature of the company’s offerings generates a large and constant volume of work. To maintain productivity, talent needs are nearly always immediate, and MarketPro is invariably charged with identifying and presenting qualified candidates inside a short timeframe.
  3. Ongoing talent needs span an unpredictable mix of contractors, direct-hires, and contract-to-hire positions. Job categories and levels of experience required are also across the board, making each talent need unique and challenging.

The Solution — A Partnership with MarketPro

The relationship between this company and MarketPro enables the company to minimize, and in many cases eliminate, the challenges the company faces when new marketing talent is required. MarketPro excels in recruiting candidates because its recruiters know this client and its industry intimately, and because the talent pool is under MarketPro’s microscope at all times.

The Results — Four Years of Reliable Recruiting

Over the past several years, MarketPro has helped the company fulfill every one of its marketing talent needs. Following are several examples
of the varying positions MarketPro has filled across multiple areas and disciplines within the company’s marketing organization:

  • A direct hire at the marketing director level
  • A direct hire at the vice president level
  • A contractor at the director level
  • A contractor at the manager level
  • A contractor at the iCMO level
  • Two contract-to-hires at the senior manager level

In the Client’s Words

The company’s vice president of advertising said, “I always go back to MarketPro because they know my business, they know the markets we serve, and they’re connected to a network of professionals who have experience in our industry. Better yet, MarketPro also recognizes
candidates who would fit well into our culture and work well with our existing teams. With MarketPro doing such a superior job at marketing
recruiting, my focus doesn’t have to drift away from my job.”